Monday, July 7, 2014

BD 12- 15 months...

So, I know monthly posts were "supposed" to stop at a year… but we have seen so many changes in little bit, that I just had to record… and this really serves as our baby book anyways.

So be prepared for too many pictures… way to many pictures...

 BD 12-15 months… on her way to 16 months

Monthly Milestones 

*What we call… "toddler run"… part waddle, part trot, part walk and part run.

*Your "I don't know" gesture… we just about die everytime you do it!

*We got your potty chair… we just don't know how to use it yet!

*First Braves game! 

*Loves riding in the car part of carts!

*Lots of teeth… you now hare 4 on top, 2 on the bottom, 2 molars in and 2 coming in.  It is a little weird that the other 2 have not come on on the bottom.  The doctor said she had never seen the molars come before at least one of those.  

Favorite Things… 

*So weird thing… BD used to love water, I mean look at that face!

Then one day she just stopped liking it so much.  She still likes pools, but not baby pools, and not getting water poured over her head.  So weird…

*Books, books and more books… toys, eh, but BOOKS! :)

*One Little Finger, Goodnight Song, and really anything on the Super Simple Songs YouTube station.

*Putting sunglasses on.

*You are still obsessed with dogs… you literally bark all the time.  Sometimes I think you think you are a dog!

*Dog Park… we don't have a dog, we just go and watch.  And she does not want to leave!

*Play kitchen and pans...

*Bird watching- "tweet tweet"

*You love sand

*Summer nights

*Pete the Cat

*Bunny stuffed toys


*School :)


30 pounds… but she was wearing shoes, diaper and all ;)


33 inches tall :)

Clothing Size...

2t-4t… I mostly miss rompers, we wore those all last summer.  I have come to realize that once rompers reach the 2t size, they don't have snaps for the diaper anymore.  I want to know whose bright idea that was?  What 2 year old potty trained or not needs to take off their whole outfit to use the restroom or change their diaper?

Sleep Patterns…

I am soaking up any time little bit will sleep in my arms!
You *mostly* sleep through the night 10-12 hours.  But some days you don't and that's okay.  Right now you are getting 4 molars all at once and sometimes just want to sleep with us!

TThese days you always sleep on your face...

Nap time is pretty consistent except when we were traveling.  You take a 1-2 hour nap int he early afternoon.  The other day you took a 3 1/2 hour nap… it was crazy!

Eating Patterns… 

You eat what we eat and have definitely developed your own options about what you want.  You don't eat anything and everything we give you, but you eat almost everything, at least when you feel like it.  You can use a spoon and fork, but prefer your hands because it is quicker.

You still are breast-fed (crazy right?), but really I have done research and there are some major benefits for baby and mama for breastfeeding past a year.  I figure she will self wean at some pointy before 2 years.

Outings and Celebrations...

*Strawberry Picking…

*Wildlife Center

 *Celebrated Daddy's birthday!

*2nd Easter

*Cloth Diapering booth at the farmers market

*Last day of preschool

*Universal Trip!

*Visiting ATL

*Hanging with Jes and Graeme in the ATL!

*Saw Zach and Stacey and met baby Jacob :)…

*Visiting Athens… Goooooo Dawgs :)

*Beach trip with Mama and Daddy…

*Hanging out at the Farmer's Market and walks with Britt and Jiaro!

*Sweet time at the farm and my grandma's 80th bday!


*Time in Annapolis with my grandparents


*Day in DC


*Baby girl (maybe this should change to toddler girl???)
*Little Bit 
*Bailey Boo 
*Bailey Boo Hoo 
*Baby Drew

Things others have said about you...

*She is getting so big!
*Her hair is getting so long!
*She has such a sassy personality/reactions/etc.
*She's 2 right?
*She so cute… well I say this everyday:)

Things we have noticed about you...

*You already like to "be in charge"  you told a 3 year old no at preschool last week… and she listened!
*You could just read and read!
*You love music and wiggle dances.
*You talk a lot, when you are when the mood.
*You don't like to do things when we are trying to get you to do them.
*You say "hi" to everyone at the grocery store.
*You are strong-willed, but also cautious.  You weigh the options when making decisions!

For Bailey Drew…

Bailey Boo! You are so much fun.  Every day you interact with us a little more.  Whether it is hugs and kisses, or "wrestling" with us, you are such a little person.  And you crack us up :)

We are praying for you each day, sharing scripture and teaching you.  It is fun to watch you take everything in like a little sponge.  



  1. AWWWW!!!! You guys have had so many adventures lately! That's awesome! And BD is SO cute! Love seeing all her monthly pictures at the end. Precious little thing! :) Miss you guys!

    1. It is funny… I have just really been appreciating our adventures since this post after looking back on them!

  2. Doll baby!!!! Growing so fast and adorable as ever!

    1. Thanks! And time just needs to slow down a little!

  3. She is freaking adorable. I just found you through a link-up and oh my gosh I just want to hug that sweet little thing! (In very very non-creeper way)

    My daughter will be two in September and it is so fun. She also says hi to everyone we pass. I've had to learn to trust her instincts on people, they've always been spot on!

    PS-That Easter Bunny looks terrifying, how did she do?

    1. Thank you… she is a hoot! Love that your daughter says hi to everyone she passes too… so fun!
      And by the way, she walked up to the Easter bunny, then realized she was not so sure about him! He was scary looking!

  4. Wow, you really meant a LOT of pictures!!! :) What a treasure to have so many memories captured to save. So precious. Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. haha.. I know, we have a problem! I think we are going to get the blog printed as her baby book too, so that is also my justification!

  5. She is just too cute!! I enjoyed these pics!!