Wednesday, December 10, 2014

BD 16-20 months...

 BD 16-20 months… on her way to 21 months

As usual this blog seems to act as our baby book… so I can't help but to include an update every few months!:) As usual… picture overload :)

Monthly Milestones 

*Another first day of school!

*Your range of motion has grown greatly.  It now includes marching, stomping, spinning and even "jumping."

*You have always been funny about climbing and still are.  You have mastered climbing most playground equipment just did so a little later than some of your peers.  Besides some playground equipment you just don't care to climb… which I guess is not a bad thing!

*You speech has really just exploded over the past few months. You have understood almost everything we say for a while, but now you can say so much.  You vocabulary is growing so much.

*You say a few phrases.  Your first was either "I love woof woof" or "I pooped." Not sure which came first.  You do proclaim your love for things a lot and say that you want things. 

*When reading books you are really understanding and making some connections!

*You really just act older… like there is no baby left… just toddler.

Favorite Things… 

*You still LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs… in fact you proclaim it often by saying "I love woof woof"

*Swing… if she sees even just a picture she wants to go find a swing!

*You love chalk… but for the longest time you didn't.  I told you once not to draw on your legs and for a month or so after that you just kept saying "No legs"

*Her bouncy cow and baby doll.  Usually she rides the cow… but right now she is having the baby doll ride :)  be still my heart

*Reading your "Bibe" (Bible)

*We tolerate crafting… lately we have liked it more!

*The dog bed… except, wait, that is gross.  We had to teach her to stay off :)

 *Sitting on the potty.  You love to sit there and read… and you occasionally "Go"

*Baby dolls and tutus… so much girl!

*Reading :)

 *Cooking with family

*The Georgia Bulldogs… obviously (even when we lose to South Carolina, Florida and Tech in one year :()

*Girl loves her pool float… even though it is not in the pool!

*She wanted to put her Halloween costume everyday for a month…

*Playing in the pool

*Frozen… like everyone.  She even sings Let it go

*Though you never took a paci yourself you seem to enjoy your baby doll's paci all the time!


I think you were 33 pounds last time we were at the doctor… so technically I don't think I am suppose to lift you...


I think you were 34-35 inches at the dr's 

Clothing Size...

2t-4t…unless it is one of those fitted toddler shirts from Target… she can't wear any size… they are all too short!  Over all we usually go for the 3T at this point and hope it will fit next year!

Sleep Patterns…

You sleep through the night 10-12 hours.   You were waking up at 7-7:15 for a while and that was beautiful, but now you are back to your old tricks of waking by about 6:00 am.  You do sleep very soundly though.  Nap time is usually from about 2-4pm.  Some days you skip and it does not phase you *that day* but I think you need more sleep the next day.

Here is one day we skipped our nap all together… and did just fine.

One day you would not take a nap, but fell asleep at the table! :)

If you don't have a bow or pony tail in my hair this is how you wake up in the morning…  as cousin it.

Eating Patterns… 

Well… you stopped nursing at about 19-20 months.  You were already down to once a day and even skipped completely from time to time.  When I found out I was pregnant we just let you phase it out even more.  The last time you nursed, I did not even realize it was the last time.  We just never nursed again.  So weird and a little sad to be done.

As for food.  You are all about the things you like- oatmeal, bananas, bread, rice and so on.  You try to get away with not eating things that are not your favorite.  And you have a sweet tooth.  At Thanksgiving during dinner you kept saying "Pie!"  I don't even know how you knew what pie was!  But you loved your slice of pumpkin pie when you got it! :)

Outings and Celebrations...

*Fourth of July!

*Visiting with Jared Annaleigh and the boys!

*Moving… again.

*First Georgia Game!

*Fall festivals at Church!

*Riding this joker at the mall!

*Flower Girl in Sydney and Josh's wedding!

*Going to the pumpkin patch

*Visiting with friends from Statesboro

*Finding out you are going to be a big sis… you don't quite understand yet, but you do point to my belly and say "Baby!"

*Trip to the Zoo Atlanta

 *Stone Mountain Christmas

*Announcing I am going to be a big sis!

*Christmas decorating


*Baby girl (maybe this should change to toddler girl???)
*Baby Drew

Things others have said about you...

*She is getting so big!
*Her hair is getting so long!
*Her facial expressions!
*She is so cute… well I say this everyday:)

*Those cheeks!

Things we have noticed about you…

*You love to dance and have many moves (wiggle, fist pumps, head bags, spins etc)!
*You could just read and read!
*You like puzzles
*You talk a lot… in a language we don't quite understand.
*You say "hi" and "bye" to everyone.
*You love giving hugs and kisses.
*You love to pat backs, scratch and tickle.
*You have the most contagious laugh.
*You are strong-willed, but also cautious.  You weigh the options when making decisions!

For Bailey Drew…

Oh Bailey Drew, our little spitfire.  You are testing your boundaries these days.  Discipline is must and you like to know the boundaries.  You also like to repeat, "no, no, no," after we tell you not to do something. Tough could be your middle name, but when we discipline you, you generally respond by following directions.  Our greatest struggle with you right now is helping you discern when we are telling you to come that it is not a game of chase.  

Many people say these days (filled with discipline and setting boundaries) are the hardest.  But I love them.  You are such a little person and we have the privilege of helping you develop.  We pray a love for the Lord would grow in you even now:)!

You have a sense of humor and go about life with passion already!
We love you BD :)



  1. Loved looking at the pics from the beginning.

    Charlotte Moore

    1. Thanks it is amazing to see how much and quickly sweet babies change… truly babies don't keep!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing pictures of your super cute daughter!! Loved it!!