Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stitch Fix Fun :)

Sooo… it is Stitch Fix time again :)  About a year ago I heard about this little styling service in a box and it sounded so fun.  Normally I don't spend much month (if anything) on clothes, so this is truly a treat for me!  Now, after my first fix I realized I would be spending more than I usually spend on clothes (but remember you are also talking to the girl that shops goodwill and garage sales and when I am feeling really fancy the sale rack).  But, after choosing to keep my fix… I realized that I wear this stuff more and it is better quality.  

Anyways… when I saw that I had some credit on my account (from wonderful readers getting their fix through my link:)) I told Andrew that this is what I wanted for Christmas/Anniversary/My Birthday!

Without further ado… check out my fix :)

{item one}

Geometric Black and White Top
I am not going to lie… when I first saw this I said ew (as in I don't like it at all).  But upon trying it on I actually thought it was quite fun with plenty of room for the growing baby bump.  Only problem… way more than I would usually pay for a shirt, even in a stitch fix.  But… since I wanted to keep the other four items and you get 25% if you keep all five, it was actually cheaper to go ahead and get it.  


{item two}

Awesome dark wash maternity skinny jeans
Classic, everyday piece. Love these, will probably be wearing them for the next 9 months ;)


{item 3}

reddish cowl neck shirt
I asked for something bright in my box because sometimes I think winter clothes get dark and dreary.  This was perfect, fit well and will accommodate the growing bump.  In fact I think you can see the bump in one of the pictures :)


{item 4}

off-white oversized sweater with pockets
The pockets are really the best part of this… I should have taken a picture showing them off.  The shite color scared me a little… I can be a bit of a mess, have an almost 2 year old and teach 4 year olds… but I thought I would risk it.  Also the sleeves were long enough and sleeves are never long enough for me on sweaters!


{item 5}

3 pack of maternity camis (not pictured)
Thought I would spare y'all :)… I figured I might get these because my pregnant friends that have done stitch fix have also gotten them.  Super soft, a good price, and the fact that I wear something like this very single day made them a good buy!

What about you?  Have you done stitch fix?  Want to give it a try?  I reccomend it as a fun treat or gift every once in a while! :)


  1. What an awesome awesome box!! I love the red top so much. I got the camis in my last box and I wear them a lot. They're great so I'm glad to hear you kept them!

    1. Thanks… they always send such good stuff for me and my style is eclectic I usually like it all :)

  2. You're looking great Stasia! So happy for baby number two. What a blessing. Jenny x

  3. I love that sweater. I've been really into the loose slouchy sweaters this year. It's like wearing a more fashionable sweater!

  4. How fun!! I loved your post (and your baby bump 2!!) I love the feel of choosing clothes in a store. I have shopped garage sales for years but am buying some new finally for a changed pace.