Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Recap

I can't believe that 2014 is over and we are in 2015… seriously, I graduated high school in 2005… so I guess that means I am getting old;)
Here is just a little review of the year on the blog! :)


We celebrated 5 years of marriage!

We started a journey to Simplify

We started a new cloth diaper adventure
We went to NOLA…


I shared some thoughts about living in a small town
We went to Disney with a baby and it was awesome!


BD turned one! We had such a sweet celebration :)

I shared 10+1 thins I learned from my first year as a mom… probably one of my favorite post ever :)


Shared me thoughts on wishing I had started blogging sooner
We had a garage sale :)

Celebrate Andrew's birthday...


God taught us a lot about faith in the unknown!
Shared some of our thoughts on being a "girl mom"

We went to Universal with some college students…


We went to the beach

Shared some tips for planning a wedding on a budget here and here


BD turned 15 months and we shared about months 12-15…

I talked more about the unknown that we were in as we waited and were deciding about job stuff and moving…

We moved… AGAIN :)


I told a little bit of this blogs story and how it has grown ( and shared some ways you might be able to grow your blog :))

Shared one of my more encouraging (and somewhat unknowingly controversial) post about making my decision between full-time work, prat-time work and staying home

We were finally able to share about our new job and move!


I learned a bit about being teachable and letting things go...


I learned some more… this time about how important investment is…

BD was a flower girl!
I started this Christmas Series that is so my heart… and I think it will have to be finished next Christmas  :)


We shared our big news about the baby on the way… due July 4th!


We shared about BD's life 16-20 months!

We celebrated Christmas with our Christmas card and some fun traditions.


  1. What an exciting year!! Looks like 2015 will be just as exciting!! So excited about baby coming your way :) Congrats
    Chelsea @

  2. What a great peek back at your year! Praying many blessings ahead in 2015. Thanks for joining the Blessing Counters Link Party!