Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goals and Dreams 2015

2014 goal recap…

You may remember that I set up 65 in 365 for this past year.  Lesson learned… 65 was pretty ambitious for one year, and to be honest I did not even do the final update.  We will put things this way, I did not cross everything off on the list, but I am okay with that.  I see that so much happened in the last year and there is so much yet to happen this year!

Andrew and I also had a word for 2014…
The Lord worked so much through this in our lives… we learned a lot about how we don't really need as much as we think we need!

2014 goals…

I like clear specific goals.  Ones that I can cross off a simple list.  But life is not always simple, right?  So what to do about my goals, and hopes, and dreams this year?
Well… I still have some, because by nature I am a list maker ;)  But they might frustrate me a bit this year because most are not necessarily things I can just cross off.
They are flexible and seasoned with Grace and hopefully most focused on Christ!

*Time each day in silent and quiet
*Time each day in The Word and Prayer
*Memorize a scripture every week this year 
*Give generously

*Family devotion nightly
*Weekly study with the hubs
*Monthly date night
*Weekly specific and intentional family time

*Buy a house
*Set up a new home
*Somehow display all the places we have lived so far
*Make a map of the missionaries we know and are praying for in our home

*Create more community, connect with more people
*Meet a blogging friend in real life 
*Grow and stretch my limits

*Read a few books
*Make a photo album for each year of our marriage
*Have a baby
*Get back in shape

Business/Money Making
*Go back through all of our stuff- sell and give stuff away
*Pray and research what I might do night year with two little ones around :)

As for a word for this next year?  We don't have one yet.  Last year it was clear and obvious… this year not so much.  Maybe we need to continue to focus on simplifying.  Maybe we will know soon enough and maybe we won't :)

What about you?  Have you set goals and a purpose for the next year? What are they?



  1. I enjoyed this post mainly because I realized whether or not we reach every single goal we list, the list keeps us moving forward & stretching throughout the year. So in a funny way, it truly does achieve its goal :) May you & yours have a most blessed 2015!

  2. I love that you shared about your 2014 goals, Stasia. I didn't make a list like you did, but I would think even if you didn't reach each of these, it would bring a sense of gratification when you did reach some. They say that those who set goals are more likely to reach them--even if it is at a point beyond where they had hoped. I think that's true! Thanks for sharing and encouraging all of us to grow and stretch! Happy New Year too!