Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our Home Journey… Dwelling Three

Just a little journey through our 6 homes in 6 years! :)

Now it is time to tell you about...

Dwelling Three

The Short Lived Brand New Apartment 

We actually lived the longest amount of time in dwelling two… Two years and four months to be exact.  Then we found out the exciting news... that we were pregnant again after our miscarriage!!!  We knew they would not let us stay in the married with out kids dorms, even though we would only be there a couple of months after the baby was born (Andrew was graduating and we would have to move out then).
The timeline looked like this...
They would have us move in October of 2012
Baby was due March of 2013
Andrew would graduate in May of 2013 and we would be required to move out

So basically we moved into this apartment for all of seven months, only two of which we had a baby.  But to be honest… it was totally worth it!  We were going from our ancient 500 square foot "apartment" to a legit 2 bedroom, 2 full bath apartment that was brand new… as in no one had lived in it before!  Soak in the tub all you want Stasia, it is not dirty from years of use and neglect, in fact you are the only one who has ever used it!

So we pseudo packed up our things and moved a quarter of a mile down the street (for real).  
The house had a decent sized living room.  

As small kitchen, but a kitchen none the less

A master bedroom with room to spare

An "on suite" (okay, I am just acting glamorous now :))

A second bedroom that we decorated as a nursery, but BD never actually slept in (she was two months old when we moved and still sleeping in our room).

 A second bathroom- oh the convenience!

A laundry room (no more coin laundry!!!!)

And even a hallway (our first ever)

This place was not as big as our first, but huge in comparison to the last apartment.  We loved having the space, really we did.  It made the move worth it even though it was just for a few months.  And one thing you might notice looking at the pictures is that we decorated even though we were only there for a short period of time.  We decided that it did not matter that were there for a short period, we wanted to make it home for us and guests!

This place was super special too, because it is where we brought BD home to from the hospital.

We learned…
*While we knew tons of space was not a necessity, we learned having a little more was super nice.
*And two bathrooms is like a dream.
*Even if you are only going to live someplace for a short period, make it home! 
* You can make a home your own, even without paint, easy simple changes make a difference!
*Linoleum floors *still* are the pits (but *still* not the worst… I will share that with you at a later date).
*Having a baby changes the home… in a good way.  

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  1. Two bathrooms is a dream!! They don't even have to be full, but access to two toilets- especially being pregnant- is a good thing to have! haha!

    Nice job getting pregnant and scoring the apartment upgrade ;)

    1. Haha… good time right! The apartment upgrade was super nice!