Monday, February 2, 2015

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me...

One thing I love about blogging it the community of bloggers that I have met.  Really there is something fun about connecting with women from all over the world!  At the beginning of January Jenny invited me to participate in a fun Blog Hop where a group of ten bloggers each share ten things about themselves.  Being crazy as we are lately I am running super late on my post… sorry y'all… better late than never.  
So here goes…

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me…


I am a Christ Follower. God has truly changed my life and I hope to share that with everyone I meet. Not in a "I will hit you over the head with my Bible" way, but in love and actions.


I have an amazing husband, really he is so great.  One baby in heaven that we lost when we had a miscarriage. One strong willed loving almost two year old Bailey Drew.  And one little one on the way… we will find out in less than two weeks if we are having a boy or a girl!


 Andrew and I have been quite transient in our 6 years of marriage… we will be in our sixth home as of Thursday of this week!!!  You should read a bit about our journey:).


I am an extreme extrovert that still loves alone time.  Those that see me at church, work, etc only see the extrovert. But those that live with me know that I need to escape away. Since we have been living with Andrew's parents for the past few months (during our crazy transition) I think they were surprised to learn this about me.


I love productivity.  When I was in college my roommates used to make fun of me because I would leave early in the morning and if they asked what I was doing I would say, "I need to go be productive."  In light of this I always have a mile long to do list and ambitious goals.  Sometimes I have to make myself let go of this.


Those that knew me when I was younger would probably be surprised to find out how organized I have become.  Those that have only known mw in recent years might be surprised to know I was once horribly disorganized.  Except right now we are in a crazy time of transition I feel so disorganized… I find peace in the fact that organization is coming soon.  


The one area I feel like I still have not pulled together in terms of organization is my car. I feel like we live in the car and whenever I go in somewhere my hands are so full with toddler in tow (and soon to be newborn too… seek).   Any tips in keeping your car in tip top shape? 


Isn't that cloth diaper just so cute :)
I love cloth diapers.  Weird right?  I actually help families get started in cloth on the side.  I work with a company called eLeMeNO-Pee (cute name right?).


In my prior life I taught full-time as an elementary school teacher and loved it (most of the time anyways).  I taught 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade!  In the past two years since BD, I have taught half day preschool and have loved it as well.  Next year will be a new adventure! I will be a stay-at-home mom seeing that this little is due on July 4th… he/she will not be old enough for me to teach again this fall.


Me and my butter beer in harry potter world :)
I really love Disney and Universal.  I try not to… I know they are expensive tourist traps… but they are just so fun!
And that is about it for me… what to know something else?  Just ask :)
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  1. What a fun post! I love what you said about being a Christ follower and in a love and action kind of way, I feel the exact same! :) And I definitely understand feeling more at peace when you are organized! Clutter and disorganization makes me feel edgy and frustrated, I am much happier when our home is in order!

  2. That was fun getting to know you more Stasia! I am #4 too though people that know me wouldn't realize it either! :)

    Thanks also for sharing this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

  3. Fun! Your energy comes right through the writing! I have become more organized as I've gotten older, too -- maybe it's the elementary school teacher part, or the moving part (we share those in common). Of course, I just put it down to aging. This was really a pick-me-up to read - Thanks for the smiles. I'm visiting from Monday's Musings. Janet

  4. Loved reading this Stasia. I loved number seven. My car is always a mess. You can never empty it with your hands full of toddlers! Thanks for joining the blog hop. Jenny xx

  5. I love this.. Man you must be a pro at moving :) I am hosting a link-up to get to know each other if you want to join love to have you Chelsea@

  6. Great to read, I'm with you on the car front. It is the one part of my life that gets messy and out of control. I figure we all have to have somewhere! Mich x