Thursday, February 5, 2015

Our Home Journey… Dwelling Four

Just a little journey through our 6 homes in 6 years! :)

Can't believe I am already on house four in this journey!  The timing is crazy though because at this rate I will talk about dwelling five next week and six right after we close on the house we are buying!!!  But anyways…

It is time to tell you about...

Dwelling Four

The Apartment with the Indoor/Outdoor Carpet

We were loving our brand new apartment.  But Andrew's graduation was coming and knew we would have exactly two weeks to leave when that happened. The job search was in full swing.  Let me make clear that this was a job search and not a one year internship search.  But after a few months, it was clear where God was pointing us… a one year internship at Georgia Southern.  It felt surprising that this where we were lead to go… Andrew had already done on internship… we were done with that.  But it was clear and we made the move trusting that God would provide.

The interesting thing about this job was that it came with housing.  A one bedroom apartment complete with cinderblock walls, and an old kitchen and washer and dryer.  That was not even the worst… the worst was the indoor/outdoor carpet that graced the floors of the apartment.  I am sure the carpet was filled with dust and allergens no matter how much we vacuumed.  And yep… BD crawled all over those floors… and gasp, survived!  The apartment sounds like every girls home making dream, right?

But all things considered again we made the space work.  No, it was not perfect but I do believe we made quite cute and cozy. Better than that we came to know the value of location.  The apartment was part of the building where Andrew worked.  You could not get more convenient than this!  And for me it was a dream to live where we were doing ministry.  I would be able to put BD down for a nap or for the night and go to worship or lead a Bible study.  Students were able to come to the apartment (no matter what its state) and really do life with us.  It was an amazing place to live.

The apartment included one large bedroom.  We devoted half to our space.

And half to the nursery.  We eventually even put up some old doors as dividers and it really felt like two rooms!

We had one good sized bathroom with odd paint color.

 The living room worked well  for us because it was a pretty big space.

And the kitchen even had a little eat in area.

And of course the week after we moved out they installed laminate wood flooring.  The irony.

We learned…

*One baby and one bedroom can work (but it does help for the bedroom to be a little bigger).
*Location, Location, Location.
*Live as close as possible to where you do ministry and among the people you do ministry with!
*Babies don't need their own room.
*Bring people into your home, even when it is a little messy (aka lived in).
*Bring people into the everyday activities of your home- the cooking, laundry and all that jazz… you really get a chance to do life with people that way.
*When you can't change things about a space (nasty carpet and cinderblock walls in my case)  just accept them.  Make your house your home in spite of them!
*Don't be afraid to take a "step back" in your living situation- you don't have to own a house or even rent a beautiful apartment for it to be home!

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What have your learned from your past homes???



  1. It's amazing what we can work with when we have to. You beautifully made the most of that space.

    1. Thanks! It is fun to make even the most challenging spaces your own! :)

  2. I agree that it's important to make a space you live in yours, whatever that means for you. I never really decorated any space I lived in, or at least not in the traditional type of way. So much happened in each place I've lived, it's interesting to look at retrospectively. Now that we have our own place I'm really itching to decorate in more traditional ways, while also still doing things that are our way. :)

    1. I love this response… akin your space your own does not always mean decorating!:)

  3. Stasia, I love how you made this into a home and the practical aspect that you shared here... Bless your heart for seeing that! And thank you for sharing this week at the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)

    1. I always love linking up! Thank you for hosting!

  4. We're in a house right now that I have a love/hate relationship with. We live in the country, so I insist on keeping all of the blinds up all the time, even at night, so that when I get bogged down with the cheap walls and cabinets, I can always look through the windows and see why it's worth it. God gives us what we need, doesn't He? You made your home beautiful and homey.

  5. Stopping by from last weeks Tuesday Talk to say thanks for linking up.

    We used to live in a MUCH smaller house than we do now and I learned you really can make just about anything work.

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