Monday, March 2, 2015

22 Weeks...

Took a short blogging break in the midst of the move and not having Internet for two weeks… having no Internet makes it hard to blog… especially when you are already in a crazy busy state!
I need to get better about these pics… like find time for Andrew to take a few of them, have better light or at least edit them… oh well, next time ;)

How Far Along? 22 weeks and a day!  Where has the time gone?  July seems so far away… but I know it will be here before we know it :)!!!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Around 20 I think.   We don't have a scale and I don't go to the doctor again until next week…. so I guess I will have to give you an honest number then ;)

Baby Related Purchases: We actually purchased this mamaroo swing used. 

We really wanted one last time, but did not get one and opted with a cheaper swing.  Unfortunately that swing broke during a move (surprise surprise) so I jumped on the deal in this one!

I also went to a baby consignment and bought a few baby boy outfits :)

Maternity Clothes: I have just started feeling pregnant enough to wear fitted shirts instead of all loose ones.  Now almost everyday at school by preschools say "I can see your baby."

Sleep: Good right now!  But I am sleeping a ton (or at least more than normal for me)!

Movement: We are *starting* to get to the fun stage with movement… where you can feel the movement from the outside too! I love it!

What I miss: Coffee and chocolate.  Not that I am especially crazing it, but I want a good strong cup-a morning coffee and chocolate whenever I want, but I know I have to watch the caffeine!

Cravings: Nothing stands out to me right now… but I do feel like I need to eat a lot.  In fact a few weeks ago some of the teachers commented on how big my lunch was… and I just thought it was normal!

Anything making you queasy or sick: I think I am having a bit of indigestion and heartburn… and the solution is I think I need to eat more.  Word to the wise: that does not actually help.

Gender: It's a boy!!!

Labor Signs: Hopefully a long time away…

Symptoms: A little less tired but still need a lot of sleep.
Indigestion and heartburn.
Growing belly.

Best moments this week: 
This has been a  v  e   r   y  busy week.
We moved into our house last weekend after they finished the renovation (had a wall taken down).
Setting the house up.
Shopping to get stuff for the house.
Seeing BD get ready for her baby brother.  She currently likes to put all of her dolls and stuffed animals to sleep and tell them to have "tight sleep."
Having Andrew feel the baby move.
First gathering at the house.

Looking forward to: Dr's appointment next week.  BD's 2nd birthday is coming up.
 Finishing getting this house set up! Hopefully getting it rented for Master's (let me know if you are interested :)) and hopefully going on a vacation!

Size of Baby: Size of spaghetti squash

For the little:
It has been a big couple of weeks around here.  We have been moving and getting set up in our new home… the one you will live in!  We painted your room yellow and will hopefully be decorating it soon.  I feel you move more with each day and while I can't wait to actually hold you, I am trying to enjoy each moment of this pregnancy.  We are praying for you!!! :)

Week by Week…



  1. You are so hardcore giving up chocolate during pregnancy! That thought never crossed my mind!! I mean, I knew some people who did. But I laughed at them. ;) You're awesome! Keep it up!! :)

    1. haha… I guess I should clarify… I eat chocolate and drink coffee… just not in the quantity I would like :)

  2. Your bump pics are so fun! I never remember to take pictures while I'm's like lost months of my life. Ha! I really want a mamaroo, too! They look awesome. Way to go finding one used!

    Elise @ Harvey Ever After

    1. That's too funny! And I have heard great things about mamaroos… here's to hoping he likes it!