Monday, March 23, 2015

BD 17 months to 2 YEARS!!!!

Today is Bailey Drew's 2ND BIRTHDAY.  It has been a full two years since this little bundle of joy
(and personality) arrived in our lives.  It is official.  I am no longer supposed to calculate and share her age in months (though in my head I still will for a while).  
This has easily been the fastest two years of our lives.  I feel like we blinked and we no longer have a baby.  We now have some combination between a toddler and a "kid" as BD refers to herself.  And it is the strangest thing… this parenting thing that is.  You long for the days to slow down, to savor them, to hold that infant again or to see the first steps or to watch her learn to do a puzzle by herself for the first time.  But at the same time you enjoy each milestone and day that passes as you watch your little one grow and change.  I find myself in a predicament between begging time to slow down and enjoying each new day and stage.  It is truly incredible. 

So what is BD up to these days???? (and get ready for picture overload)

*Beginning stages of potty training… we just need to find the time and do it!

*This girl loves a selfie with mama… or by herself.  And after she always says, "I want to see it."

*Loves loves loves hats and dress up!

*Loves trips and strolling… and the beach even though she has not been since last summer.

*Eating… and with forks and spoons!

*She is a baby that at best doesn't mind being messy and at worst loves it ;)
*She talks… ALL THE TIME.  Sometimes we feel like we can carry on a complete conversation with her… and sometimes we have no idea what she is saying!

*She loves Daniel the Tiger and Frozen… we really need to expand her movie preferences!

*She talks about her baby brother… "baby ameson"

*She plays so imaginative these days.  She is always putting her stuffed animals and dolls to sleep or nap!

*And hats… this on she kept on for days.

*She is a solid breakfast eater.  A bowl of oatmeal, two eggs with cheese and some green smoothie almost every morning… and sometimes she asks for a banana!

*She mad the big announcement for us!

*All about playing outside.  

She puts the baby doll's paci in her mouth… even though she never took one herself.

*Reading reading and more reading!

*So many faces...

*Loves "baby Jesus" and calls her Bible her "Jesus Book"

*Did not love Santa… and we did not even attempt to terrorize her with the Easter bunny.

*More faces/selfies

*And books...

*She is a pro at opening presents!

*Oven mitts and gloves are among her favorite toys!

*She LOVES her daddy!

*And still loves dogs

*She is slowly but surely learning the names of all the people in the family!

*And so many toys...

*Was calling out daddy's name at his ordination :)

*Enjoyed her first ZTA day :)

*Showed her full range of emotion in announcing she would have a little brother!

*Tries to put on and take off all her clothing herself!

*Moved into her 4th home since she was born… hopefully will be here a while!

*Loves the swing

*Favorite book characters… Arthur, Pete the Cat, Curious George and more.

*She loves sweets… and I promise we don't eat them often.

*Loves stuffed animals… especially dogs and bunnies.

*She also loves her friends… and she has so many :)

*And so much more I can't think of right now!


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  1. Oh, my word! She is so adorable! You are so right...they grow up SO fast. I cry over this so much! I just want time to slow down. It seems the more I try to make it last, the faster the moments slip through my fingers. It is so much fun to watch them grow and go through the many stages, though, and what a blessing that God has allowed us to be mothers! It is truly the highest, noblest calling in this life. Enjoy the moments...soon you will be doubly blessed, and I am sure she will be a very helpful, hands-on big sister. How sweet! God is SO good!