Sunday, March 15, 2015

24 weeks...

Fancy pic this week right?  I actually switched it up and got the hubs to take a pic :)

How Far Along? 24 weeks!  I cannot believe we are already almost to the end of the second trimester!  I take back my words about this going slow… it has suddenly sped up!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Went to the doctor this week, they take the weight so quick and I am trying to remember what it said.  I think I am lingering around 20-22 pounds of weight gain.  I will try to get a better look next month and come back with an even more shocking number ;)

Baby Related Purchases: I usually buy most of our clothes used, borrow and use gifts… but we were at the outlets yesterday and I may have picked up a couple of things :)  

Maternity Clothes: I feel like the laziest dresser everyday… the awesome maternity jeans I got from my stitch fix and a shirt.  Everyday.  Those that know my style, especially for winter know that I actually don't even like jeans, but they have been so easy and we have been so busy.  It is getting warmer so I need to work on finding some maxi dresses and skirts that don't cost an are and a leg.  I only have a few and I don't think they will get me all the way to July 4th :)

Sleep: Still good… just want more all the time!

Movement: There are times where he goes crazy now and times where there is calm.  We can easily see and feel my stomach move from the outside!

What I miss: Guess I should clarify from last week.  I did not totally give up coffee and chocolate… I just can't have them in the large quantities I would like! :)

Cravings: I just need to eat a lot, all the time. "They say" you don't actually have to eat for two… but I am hungry enough to eat for two or three… and my theory is if I am hungry I need to eat.  We actually had a bit of a scare with this… while we were in Charleston yesterday I actually got dizzy and passed out at a store.  The crazy thing is I had been eating all morning (seriously, ask the people I was with), but I guess it just was not enough.  It hit me so quick I did not even have a chance to get out of the store and sit down.  Lesson learned… eat as much I want all the time! ;)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not sick just some indigestion.

Gender: It's a boy!!!

Labor Signs: Hopefully a long time away…

Symptoms: The need to eat a lot, all-the-time!
Growing belly
Kicks :)

Best moments this week: 
Another busy week (aren't they all???)
Went on a day trip to Charleston

Doctor's Visit to hear heartbeat
Hearing Andrew Speak twice this week!

Looking forward to:
 BD's 2nd birthday is coming up.
 Finishing getting this house set up! Hopefully getting it rented for Master's (let me know if you are interested :)) and hopefully going on a vacation!
Andrew's 30th birthday in a month!

Size of Baby: A foot long!  About the size of an ear of corn!

For the little:
I am not sure if I scared you or you scared me with my little fainting episode this week.  Now I know I just need to feed you constantly :).  It is fun getting and seeing little things that you will wear and use!  This next 3 1/2 months will be gone before we know and you will be here.  Your big sister is growing in excitement giving you kisses each day and working on saying "baby brother Jameson."  It is your name giving her such a hard time, guess I could have picked something easier…. it usually comes out "ameson."
We are praying for you each week as you grow and develop, excited to meet you and get to know you!  

Week by Week…



  1. Goodness! So glad you're okay after your passing out scare!!

    I help myself to whatever coffee and chocolate I want :p I'll probably regret that choice later but ah well ;)

    You look fabulous! I've been wearing my Stitch Fix items like crazy too.

  2. You look great momma! Stopping by to say hello from A Bountiful Love.

  3. Great recap! :)

    Love always,

  4. I just love tummy pictures and reading your update.... even though I don't know you! (visiting from Titus2Tues). I had a complete hysterectomy 11 years ago after I was blessed with 4 little ones.... I so miss those baby days and love to see other moms enjoying it! Blessings to you and your family as you all grow!