Friday, March 13, 2015


Happy Friday my friends!!!  I don't know about you, but this past week (or really few weeks) has been a  W H I R L W I N D! In seasons like this it is easy for me to just buckle down and try to just get through, or do it on my own.  But this time, not… for one, God has called us to this season and can use us abundantly even when we feel like we are barely hanging on. Two?  Each season is filled with things that I don't want to miss- for us right now that includes BD's 2nd birthday, Andrew's ahem… 30th birthday, this pregnancy, our new house, among other big events.  I don't want to simply get through… I want to rely on Christ to overflow during this time :)
Anyways… that wasn't even part of my five for the week :)  Just a special extra tidbit :)


Like I mentioned above BD's 2nd birthday is fast approaching.  Like in less than two weeks!  I finally pulled together an invite to a super low key party(I have not actually sent them yet and by send I mean text them to friends and family).
And I did a blog post on some ideal birthday presents for a two year old.


Speaking of this little one, she CRACKS US UP lately.  Everyone has told us we would hate this age, and don't get me wrong there is a ton of discipline, but she is learning so much and we LOVE it!  Here are just some of the happenings from this past week.  
She finds socks… and puts them on her hands… all the time!

She climbed inside her toy box and played there for over an hour.
And... every time I introduce myself in front of BD she takes it upon herself to join the introduction.  If I say, "My name is Stasia."  She comes running over pointing to me exclaiming, "Stasia! Stasia! Stasia!"  Yes, she knows my name, never calls me it, but likes to let other people know my name :).
Also, she is talking up a storm… like conversations.  It is crazy!


My dad and his family got us this amazing Vitamix for my birthday/our housewarming.  I think I had mentioned to him how I had been trying to do some green smoothies with a regular blender and they all came out full of spinach leaves in them (yuck:()!  This has been awesome… but I am still learning.  And by still learning I mean I just throw whatever fruits and vegetables we have around in and hope it turns into something good.  It always turns out to be this color… 
I guess because of the spinach.  Do any of y'all have any smoothie/vitamix recommendations?


If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I shared a picture of Andrew speaking.  
Andrew usually speaks to college 20s, but this week he got the opportunity to speak to high schoolers.  God used him in  incredible ways… even though speaking is something he thought he would never do.  If you think there is something you could never do, you may want to try it.  God is so much bigger than any of our weaknesses and insufficiencies! 


Going to Charleston tomorrow on a day trip… it is supposed to rain, but maybe it won't :)

How has your week been???



  1. I can't believe BD is almost 2!!! I feel like she was just turning 1! :( Grayson is still a few months behind her, of course, but I do feel like this is a challenging age. Figuring out discipline, how to deal with tantrums or dramatic crying, sleep patterns, and thinking about weaning soon... it's a lot! But it's also super fun to see them grow and learn so much! It's like wildfire how quickly he's learning things! Two nights ago I watched him quickly put together 4 different chunky puzzles in no time! It was awesome! :)

    I do green smoothies for breakfast every morning. I always include 1 banana, a handful of spinach, a couple spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt, a splash of milk or coconut milk, and some chia seeds. The rest I change from day to day. Some things I like to include are: frozen berries (or any frozen fruit), honey, coco powder (unsweetened), peanut butter or PB2, cilantro, parsley, cucumber, carrots, coconut oil. I just try different combinations. Some days are better than others. But mine usually turn out some shade of brown b/c of the frozen berries. Just keep trying stuff! :)

    1. I know… it seems impossible! I know it is over used but truly, "Babies don't keep!" The discipline is hard, but so necessary to be consistent. We have the biggest issue when we are in public. And it is like you are saying the transition from baby to toddler there are so many changes! But they are learning so much and it is amazing!

      Thanks for the tips on the smoothies… yours seem way more creative than mine!

  2. I love 2 year olds. They are so hilarious and awesome :)

  3. BD is so adorable! I hope she has a wonderful birthday and party. It's so fun watching them learn new things.

    Thanks for linking up to H54F!
    Della @ Della Devoted