Thursday, May 7, 2015


I am excited for another Friday and another weekend... And it means we are one week closer to Baby J... But it also means I have one less week to get everything done before he gets here. I mean less than 2 months... July 4th will be here before we know it.


It is potty training weekend! If you need to find us we won't be leaving the house;)! Andrew gets the first shift today so be praying for him :)!


Our neighbors no longer have to have hate us. After almost 3 months of home ownership we finally bought a lawn mower. Bring on the mowing and weeding and pine straw this weekend.


The count down to baby J is not the only thing going on in my life... The count down to the end of the school year is real! Updated count? 10 days after today!!!


We have started some scripture memory with BD and it has surprisingly not been too hard yet.  If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen her sharing Genesis 1:1. Now we are working on john 3:16. We are using the Joshua Code for the order of the verses we are working on. I think I may learn some scripture in this process too!


The hubs and I are privileged to do ministry with college/twenties/young professionals. This past weekend we had the opportunity to go to the beach with some graduating seniors to get to know them. It was so fun... Seriously I am excited to be doing ministry with these girls!!!

What have you been up to this week??? :)



  1. Those are fun little potty training gifts!

    1. Thanks… we are still waiting to see how will they work!!! :)

  2. ha! Yay for the lawn mower! Glad to find your blog through the link up!

    1. Thank you for coming by Brittany! Yep lawn mower… not super fun… but super necessary!

  3. Good luck with potty training!! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

  4. Oh potty training...good luck!!

    Our lawnmower is broken, so I think our neighbors must hate us also. Yeah for yard work! ;)

  5. Sounds like you are doing a whole lot, Stasia! Enjoy your freedom to get your "nest" ready as well as minister in so many great ways to your daughter and to these lovely daughters of another mother. Thanks also for giving us a peek into your day-to-day, my friend! God bless you in all you do! BTW, you make a very beautiful expectant mom!

  6. I remember those potty training days!!!! We motivated with stickers and m&m's too. I had boys and so it just seemed like it took forever, but I promise they were potty trained before they got their driver's licenses, lol!

    What a blessing you will be to those young people. Our oldest son and his wife are working with the high school age kids at our church, and they are blessing these kids and being blessed by them. And, of course, my husband and I are so thankful to the Lord to see our children involved in ministry. ;)