Sunday, May 10, 2015

31-32 Weeks...

Just for kicks I thought I would include about her comparison:)  Maybe a little bigger?  And definitely carrying different!
How Far Along? 32 weeks:)  This week at the doctor I was measuring just short of 34.  Probably just means the baby is big… no surprise there.  Maybe he will come a little early???

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Fluctuates daily… somewhere between 30-35 pounds.  I am working out most days and eating *mostly* healthy :)

Baby Related Purchases: We went to Hobby Lobby and got some super cute decorations for the nursery for REALLY cheap.  I am so glad I decided not to try to craft anything, it would have been more expensive AND more time consuming… and now everything is almost done, pictures to come!

Maternity Clothes:  I thought I would like the whole summer maternity clothes thing better… but I am already feeling a little blah.  Guess I am about to get creative :)

Sleep: So good.  Too good.  And necessary.

Movement: I love all the movement at this point.  I can see it all the time and sometimes it literally makes me jump.  Still waiting for those hiccups though!

What I miss: Like I said last week, I already miss normal clothes.  And I miss my runs, I have not been able to fit them in anymore.

Cravings: Meat and sweets… and really, I just like to eat.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing really.

Gender: It's a boy!!!

Labor Signs: I have started having some Braxton Hicks… but nothing serious :).

Symptoms: There's the normal…
The need to eat all the time
Growing belly
Kicks and summersaults 
And this week the extreme exhaustion has set in.  Hopefully I don't feel so tired next week!

Best moments this week: 
*As I mentioned before… I had an awesome time at the beach with some incredible people!

*Heard the heartbeat at the doctors appointment!
*Getting the nursery almost done.  I keep just walking in there because I love how it looks!
*Any two second period Andrew and I find to relax (few and far between).

Looking forward to:
*Still want to finish getting this house set up… just some closets and the office left (the hardest and least fun parts)!
*The end of the school year is just 2 weeks away!
*Getting BD potty trained???? We shall see!
*ATL trip soon!

Size of Baby: The size of a large Jicama!

For the little:

Our Jameson… 
Less than two months!!!!   Seriously, we are in disbelief, we can't wait to hold you! As we were setting up your nursery this week I would not help but to say prayers for you.  Prayers for you to be strong and courageous.  To seek after the Lord in all you do… and that you let us get some sleep;).

Week by Week…
22 Weeks…
24 Weeks
26 Weeks...

27 weeks…
29 Weeks…

30 Weeks...


  1. New follower! I am pregnant and due with our second biological child in August. :) Also a pastors wife!

    Have a great week!

    1. So fun! I am excited to follow along with you too!

  2. Fun update!

    That is awesome that you are sleeping well! It can be so frustrating when you are too uncomfortable to sleep...but you desperately need to.

    1. Thank you!!! Yep sleep is the one thing that seems to be coming easy (for now:))!

  3. Lookin' great!!!!!!!!! not much longer now!

  4. You are a beautiful momma. I always LOVE hearing our girl's heartbeat.,,and good luck on the potty training. New follower ( but not a new visitor).