Tuesday, April 28, 2015

30 Weeks...

30 weeks this time...
30 weeks last time...
It is hard to tell from the picture this week, but I feel like I am carrying totally different… but it might just be the tighter shirt???  Size seems comparable :)
How Far Along? A little over 30 weeks… about 3/4 of the way there!  

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I was unpacking this week and found a scale at the boot of a box… the accuracy of said scale is unknown.  But just for kicks it said that I gained 30 pounds.  

Baby Related Purchases: Nothing much this week.  I picked up a pillow for the nursery to try to get some inspiration.  I also started to register for the things we need/want this time around.  

Maternity Clothes:  Dresses, skirts, jeans… a little bit of everything!

Sleep: Enjoying my sleep soooo much!  Maybe too much.  Andrew has always been the snoozer if you know what I mean.  I have officially discovered the snooze button this past week!

Movement: Sometimes the movement is so intense I will respond aloud!  The kicks/punches etc are awesome!

What I miss: I am starting to miss normal clothes.  I can see how the clothes I fit into now will get old over the next 10 weeks.

Cravings: Meat… particularly hamburgers.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: Some heartburn and indigestion... But no sickness!

Gender: It's a boy!!!

Labor Signs: Hopefully at least 7 weeks away!

Symptoms: The need to eat all the time.
Growing belly
Kicks and summersaults 
People asking me if I am due any day… nope… 10 more weeks

Best moments this week: 
*Secret Church… my belly made me a bit uncomfortable for the seven hours… but once I broke out the birthing ball to sit on I was fine.

*Went to a dairy farm… so fun!

Looking forward to:
*Still want to finish getting this house set up, particularly the nursery... Nesting time!
*The end of the school year is just 4 weeks away!
*Getting BD potty trained before July… fingers crossed!
*Hilton Head this weekend :)

Size of Baby: The size of a large cabbage!

For the little:

Whew… what a week! We have been going here there and everywhere.  This next week should be a little crazy too.  I am working on slowing down and preparing for your arrival!  I am thankful that you like to remind that you are there all the time with you strong kicks and punches :).

How will we prepare?  The usual nursery and such.  But there is so much more to prepare.  We are praying for you and preparing our hearts :)

Week by Week…
22 Weeks…
24 Weeks
26 Weeks...

27 weeks…
29 Weeks...


  1. You look so cute!! Hope getting everything in the house goes well :)

  2. I feel like weeks 30-32 are when I really "popped." Looks like you are doing the same! :) But you def don't look like you could be due any day! Silly people!!

    1. Thanks… that makes me feel better. Seriously I don't remember this from last time but I am getting comments everyday!!!