Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Baby Boy Nursery Reveal...

When we first set up BD's nursery the plan was to make it mostly gender neutral so we could reuse it for any later baby that came along.  All well made plans right?  
So we moved into the new house, painted the nursery my beloved yellow and planned to continue our yellow and gray nursery. But unfortunately it just did not go with the carpet in the space... we tried and tried to make it work and it just didn't. So it was back to the drawing board...

Then I had a little inspiration... we decided to go with a yellow and navy nursery and love it. There are some nautical/map touches. It still has some empty frames that I have some creative ideas for… we will see if I have time in the next three weeks :)

We definitely did this on a budget (as usual)
Pillow on glider- $12
4 frames/artwork from Hobby Lobby- about $40
Shelf from Garage Sale- $5
Laundry Basket From Home Goods- $30 (somehow this was my biggest splurge)
Everything else we had or was a gift!
Total- Less than $90

To be honest I am kind of glad he ended up with his own unique area.  Hope Jameson likes it… you know how picky babies can be ;)



  1. You look beautiful Stacia! and what great finds you found for your nursery..good for you. Many blessings to your family as you grow! :D

  2. I love it, especially that it's young but still sophisticated.

  3. I love the yellow/navy combination! It is one of my favorites actually :)

  4. Very cute!!!! Getting closer.....