Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Guest Post… The Breast Feeding Diaries

This may be in the TMI category for some of y'all… but I know that it has been so helpful to me to hear other women's experiences with things like breastfeeding.  So when the opportunity came up to write a guest post about our experience over at The Girl in the Red Shoes, I said, "Why Not!"
Soooo…. if you want to know about our experience click over!  And you can even find some other women's experiences as well!  Hope you will check it out!


  1. Stasia I'm past this time in my life but I love that you are so open and willing to share with others that are right there with you. Blessings!~~your neighbor at Messy Marriage

    1. Thank you! I have found it so helpful and encouraging to read other's journeys… so hopefully this encourages others!!!