Sunday, July 26, 2015

5 Things You Can Do When you Go Past Your Due Date...

So many friends on Instagram and Facebook have posted those pictures… the ones with the caption: "Today was my due date… but little________ has already been with us for a week!  So Thankful!"
And I am thankful for them too… but this has not been our experience.  Both BD and baby J were "late."  And there is just something frustrating about passing that due date  you have had in your mind for so long!

So for those friends that end up pregnant for more than 40 weeks… some encouragement :)


First and foremost try to remind yourself that a due date is just an estimate...

The doctor does not know exactly when your little one was conceived and even if they do have it right every baby and mom is different!  Try thinking of a birth range (of like 38-42 weeks) instead of focusing on one day.  Even try saying things like… "The baby is due in July" instead of giving an exact due date when people ask.  


Keep planning and doing things…

People thought I was crazy when I went to the beach at 38 weeks.  Then that I was still out and about at 40 weeks. Then that I was still making plans past 41 weeks.  My theory?  No use sitting at home twiddling your thumbs!  Plus getting out and moving around could get things going!


Have fun with labor inducing activities…

Go on walks with your hubby.  Eat a whole pineapple if you like it.  Try some raspberry leaf tea.  Get a massage, take evening primrose, or eat eggplant.  But don't stress about these things… do them and have fun with them!  Maybe they will help induce labor, maybe not… you may never know!


Take comments with a grain of salt…

"You haven't had your baby yet?"
"Are you ever just going to be induced?"
"You aren't even low yet…"
etc etc etc
Take peoples comments as if they are saying them with the best intentions.  I really try to do this in life in general.  They may not realize the comment they are saying is not encouraging or that it is the 100th time you have heard it that day.


Know that it is okay to be a little emotional…

Pregnancy is an emotional time to begin with, it is okay to be disappointed that you are not holding your baby yet.  Trust God and His timing, lean on your husband and close family and friends.  
And know… babies do come out ;)


  1. I never went past my due date, but the comments still came. I delivered 4 days before, but my doctor was the worst. Each week I would go in she would say "I thought you would have had him by now". She was a great doctor, just not that great at holding back those comments.

  2. I'm learning here though I'm far from it yet. :P
    You're right though. Some people mean well but say it in a wrong way. Really hard to deal with when you're emotional but that's the only way to go.