Friday, August 28, 2015

5 on Friday...


This week… no blog posts and an unfinished to do list...


Have you seen this?  
Kids barefoot to the bathroom stall??? 
I used to judge… not anymore.  And I am obviously not a germaphobe, just building our kids immunities.
PS… BD can now sing along with this video...


Speaking of mom life, we went with nine other moms and our 16 kiddos to the zoo yesterday… talk about a stroller parade…



Both kids were up by 6:30 this morning… but I got some smiles from J and BD read him a story while I drank my coffee and worked on this post… so it is all good.


When you have a baby and feel like you are back to normal, but still can't fit in any of you clothes.  The story of my life right now. 
Big plans to start to share of my postpartum style this next week.  Getting creative and making things work hopefully! :)


  1. They are both so cute! You are brave to go to the zoo with that many kiddos running around, but looks like everyone had a good time!

  2. Love all the pictures at the zoo! Sounds lik you had a huge group!

  3. It looks like you had a great time at the zoo! I took my niece to the zoo a few weeks ago, and her favorite animal was the grossest one, the warthog!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Love the Chick-Fil-A vid! So funny!

  5. Your kiddos are PRECIOUS!!

  6. Whoa, that looks like a big zoo adventure with so many little ones! Glad it all went well and safely! :)

  7. Your babies are so beautiful! It looks like you all had a blast at the zoo! I can't wait to take my little guy! Thanks for linking up to H54F!

    Della @ Della Devoted