Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What we wore...

This pregnancy I had the ambitious idea that I would do some posts about things I wore during pregnancy and how to make use of the clothes you have and still be fashionable.  And then life was CRAZY, and I ended up wearing the same five outfits the whole pregnancy… womp womp. 
So when little Jameson arrived, I was excited about wearing my clothes again.  I also forgot about the fact that I would not immediately fit in my clothes again.  And this time around it is taking a little longer  to get there.  So between the fact that my hips are still bigger than they used to be and the need to be able to breastfeed… again my clothing options are limited.  
Soooo… I am giving this a try.  I am going to try to post some of my creative outfit solutions each week (along with the kiddos outfits because they are cute:))
Maybe it will inspire myself and others to have fun dressing well with what they have :)

My Outfit…

Shirt (Forever 21- but I got it at Goodwill)
Brown Linen Shorts- JCrew
Necklace- Loft
Shoes- we bought on our honeymoon

I love the shirt detail :)

And the Kiddos...

BD picked out her be achy top today
Top- Mudpie
Some fun giraffe smocking- gifts from my in-laws :)
Both- Castles and Crowns (PS… BD asks to wear her "Giraffe dress" every day)

Baby dedication outfits- I have some better pictures coming, but for now this will have to do!  
Bailey Drew- Found at Goodwill- appears to be handmade!
Jameson- Andrew's from when he was little :)

BD- Southern Tots(Found at thrift store)
Jameson- Shrimp and Grits (gift)
Fitting in this 3 month Polo one more time...
And graduating to this 6 month one… and he is not even 2 months yet!!!
Some fun outfits for the week :)
We will see how creative I get next week ;)

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  1. I Love that you paired turquoise sandals with your neutral look! Such a great color combination.

    Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots

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