Tuesday, September 15, 2015

JL 2 month...

Jameson Luke 2 Months...

Monthly Milestones... 

*You have rolled over a few times, but I would not say it is a skill you have mastered.

*The smiles and giggles are clearly social this month and we can barely handle the cuteness!

*Really holding your head up!

*Batting at toys and kicking them with your feet.

Favorite Things... 

*You love to be held

*You love baths

*Baby carrier- specifically the Ergo… but I am determined to try something new this next month!

*You love laying on your back and looking around.  When we look at you and talk to you on your back you always smile and laugh!

*You love your play mat.

*You love being rocked…. all the time!

*You love being swaddled…. specifically in your woombie because you have outgrown *almost* everything else.

*Cheering on the bulldogs (obviously)


*You sister (and she loves you too:))

*Sister reading...

*We like our Boppy pretty well!

Least Favorite Things...

*Stroller/Carseat- still a dislike but we are working on it!

*Riding in the car-- still a dislike but we are working on it!

*Too much tummy time… give a few minutes and that is it!


A whopping 15 lbs 3.5 oz!


You are SO long... 25.5 inches!

Clothing Size... 

We packed up all 3 month items about a week ago :(.  We wear some 3-6 months (boutique style clothes), but mostly 6 month and 6-9 month (Carters, things from Target etc)!  The 6-9 month is a little roomy so we should wear them for a while!

Sleep Patterns... 

You still are so different than BD in how you fall asleep.  Almost always swaddled and rocked.  And sometimes I just lay you down and you go to sleep!  And you almost never nurse to sleep.  Things could not be more opposite.

You are still giving us good sleep at night with one long stretch, usually first.  I nurse you around two times at night and you go right to sleep (half the time in bed with us because I fall asleep first).  You nap best during the day when we are chilling at home and will take a super long 3 hour stretch in the middle of the day.  If we are out in about you catch lots of little naps. 

Eating Patterns... 

You nurse and then are done most of the time.  We are on demand… so when people ask how long you go between feedings or how long you nurse I never know what to say.  Any where between 30 minutes and 4 hours between nursing and nursing 5-30 minutes.

Outings and Celebrations... 

*Baby/parent commissioning (aka baby dedication)… more pictures to come of this one!
*We went out to eat and shopping multiple times

*We went to the zoo…again

*Lots of friend and family visits!

*First big trip to Atlanta

Crazy hair… don't care :)

*Grunt Man- I think all newborns grunt!
*Big man, little man and the such.

Things others have said about you... 

* "He is so big... He doesn't even look like a newborn." (I say this… all the time!)
*"So much hair!"
*"He holds up his head so much."
*"His eyes are open so much."
*"His facial expressions!"

Things we have noticed about you…

*You love being swaddled and rocked. You don't nurse to sleep and can sometimes fall asleep on your own.

*You are mostly chill and really like to take everything in.  But when you don't like something (aka your carseat) you are sure to let us know!

*You have some awesome facial expressions!

For Jameson Luke...

It feels like you have already been with us forever… not just two months.  We are trying to soak in this time before things start going really fast, because we know they will.

Your chill and fun personality is starting to shine through.  The way you already smile and laugh melt our hearts.  You still sleep a lot, but with each day it is less and you are more and more aware.  You track us with your eyes and play with dangling toys and just bring joy to those around you.

In a crazy fallen world, we pray for your heart each day.  That you will come to know the Lord and live with reckless abandon for Him!


And… all the other pics :) 


Catching up… 


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