Monday, November 16, 2015

The Christmas Challenge: Shop local/WAHMs

We have talked about giving as much as you spend.
We have talked about shopping stores that give back
Another great option this Christmas??? 
Shop local and work at home moms!!! I am not going to lie and tell you I have never purchased something from Amazon, because I do, BUT choosing to take some of our spending to our own community makes a difference!  Those local stores that you love visiting… purchase a few gifts off your Christmas lists there.

You can also support work at home moms (dads, friend, etc).  Many times people are using these businesses to help ends meet or even raise money for adoption or other ministries.  Buying from these places is a cool way to 

1. Support a family/person
2. Get a unique gift

So check out Etsy, a local shop or your friend's business and use this as an opportunity to connect with them!

Week 2: Shop stores that give back!
Week 3: Shop Local/WAHMs!
Week 4: Make gifts!
Week 5: Serve!

Hope you will follow along!!! :)


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  1. I love supporting people that are pursing their passion! Christmas gifts with a story are my favorite kinds of gifts to give!