Monday, November 30, 2015

The Wedding Weekend...

The weekend before Thanksgiving my brother John Henry and my new sister Sunita got married!!!  
It was SOOOO fun.
They had a Christian ceremony with Indian traditions and the whole thing was just beautiful.  If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw a few!  Check out #teamtheiss to see all of the awesome pictures… and videos of my bother coming in on a horse, yes a horse!

My pictures probably don't do it justice… but here they are :)

 Festivities started with Henna and dancing.  Andrew has a video of me doing a semi-choreographed dance somewhere… it probably will never make an appearance… the world is not ready for that...

 Nothing quite like baby henna… Bailey Drew already asked me if we can get more!

The ring bearer and flower girl just hanging…. think she was preparing for when she would have to drag him down the aisle!!!

 The kiddos mostly rocked it through the nights of late night events

Just a normal wedding… getting ready+baby wearing… the only way I survived!

BD and I dressed and ready...

This picture makes me so happy… probably one of my favorites from the whole weekend!!!

And this is my other fave...

 Ready to go!!!

Distract… keep the kiddos happy… they are still up and it is 9 pm!!!

The only decent pic of Andrew and I :(

New favorite picture of BD… describes her personality perfectly...

Family selfie

BD finally busting a move… she was just a little tired at this point!

Mom and I trying to detract the kiddos...

 And a final spin with daddy :)

I  wish there were more pictures… but I guess that is what professional photographers are for…