Tuesday, November 24, 2015

JL 4 months...

Jameson Luke 4 Months...

a week and half late is better than never right???

 Monthly Milestones... 

*You are rolling both ways proficiently!

*You can turn a full circle on the ground!

*You can tripod sit.

*You bring anything and everything to your mouth… if fact I can tell you already really want to eat our food!

*You are laughing and talking even more!

*You have definitely discovered your feet!

*You sit in your high chair all the time now!

*Super baby pushups!

*Teething I think… there is so much drool

Favorite Things... 

*This month the interaction with your sister has grown exponentially.  She talks to you and you look and laugh.  My heart can barely handle it!

*You still love to be held and worn.

*You love baths (on the rare occazion that you get them) and when I wipe your neck with a wet washcloth… you always laugh!

*You love neck kisses and tickles.

*You kind of like you pacifier.  You need it when you need it and the rest of the time you hate it.

*Oddly enough you like when we change your cloths… it always makes you laugh.

*You like "talking" with people.

*You love tickle monster, airplane and baby presses.

*Your playmate (probably the best $15 we ever spent- definitely are most used baby item)

Least Favorite Things…

*Carseat- it has gotten better, but still not your favorite!

*You don't really love the stroller either- I get you in there and you are done in less than 5 minutes.

*Being left alone.


About 19 lbs!!!


About 28 inches!

Clothing Size… 

We are still in the 6-9 month range.  But we have a hard time fitting in 6m and 9m footie pajamas.  Looks like we are moving to 12m!

Sleep Patterns… 

Well… we lost the swaddle this month because of all the rolling and that threw our sleep off a bit. Sometimes you wake up a few times when we put you down because you have rolled over.  
The usual is a long stretch at first and then you sleep with us and nurse whenever you like.  I am going to try to work on letting you sleep on your own a little more… I think :)

Eating Patterns… 

You are nursing… still not keeping track.  About every 2-3 hours- sometime long and sometimes shorter.

Outings and Celebrations… 

*First Halloween.
This picture ...

*Two fall festivals 

*We are out and about ALL.THE.TIME lately.  You just roll with it.

*We of course went to the zoo again (we have season passes).  You have already been 4 times!

*ATL trip...


*Grumpy man (which is ironic because he actually pretty happy)
*Drool Monster
*Big man, little man and the such.

Things others have said about you... 

* "He is so big!" 
*"He smiles so much!"

Things we have noticed about you…

*You smile and laugh SO MUCH!

*You want to eat and drink so bad.  If you are sitting with someone while they are eating you watch every bite get to their mouth!

*You love your sister and she loves you!

*You have a pretty chill personality… but when you cry… you are not happy!!!

For Jameson Luke…

4 months?  A third of the way to a year?  You came in summer and now it is practically winter.  This has been a month of new milestones that are paving the way to mobility.  You will no longer be our little stationary man.  I can tell we are on the verge of big changes.

You and your sister have really connected this month.  I try to tell y'all everyday that you guys will be best friends :) .  You love to read together in your crib and talk over breakfast :)

We see your personality come out more and more.  It is incredible to see the little man God has made you to be!  We pray for you each day- that you will grow in the Lord!!! :)

And… all the pictures…


Catching Up…

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