Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday… One week before Christmas!


Really?  One week from today???



Speaking of Christmas… this song!!!
Sometimes I think we forget that Christmas is real.  Like a Mary really birthed our Savior in a manger with animals (anyone who has had a baby realizes that that would be crazy!).
Our God really sacrifice and stepped down from heaven to become a man- a helpless baby.
This Christmas I am trying to focus on the Chorus of this song…
"I am real- don't turn me into memory or myth
Let me be real
And I will show you what it means to love like this."


Did you get to check out this felt Christmas tree calendar.  BD is having a lot of fun with it!


J-man is 5 months old… it has been fast and slow all at the same time!


Yesterday was one of those days… the ones that you can't even make up.
To give you the high point I slipped on our front porch fell and when I did my key to my car somehow fell off my key chain and I spent hours looking for it.  We got stuck at home with the power out when we were supposed to travel to go see a friend we have not seen in forever.  
BUT… at least I did not hurt myself when I fell right.  AND it might be time for some new boots with better traction;).


  1. Oh no!! Thank the LORD you wasn't hurt. Hopefully you wasn't carrying the baby. Scary how quick something can happen.

    Charlotte Moore

  2. Love the Christmas countdown - it can't come soon enough!!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  3. That song is so great! A real favorite of mine. And my goodness - your #5! Glad you weren't hurt, but mercy me. Slipping, loosing keys, no power. I'd just phone it in and say "I give up!". Enjoy this last week before Christmas!!!

  4. It is so astounding that God humbled Himself to be born a babe, all for the purpose of living the perfect, sinless life that He alone (fully God/fully man) was capable of. That He, the only worth sacrifice, would lay down His life for us, taking upon Himself the wrath God we deserve, that when we repent and trust in Him we can have hope and life eternal with Him! Yes, what a real, and amazing God we serve!! :) Rejoicing with you in His goodness and wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! xo - Brenda //

  5. I cannot believe that Christmas is a week away already! J-Man is adorable!

  6. God Bless!
    Our Savior and God is amazing!