Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Round Up...


Week Recap

Just breath in and out…. another week flew by.
I am trying to soak in these moments with the littles since things have been SO busy.
Here is a little Instagram update…

*Just a pic from TEN years ago.  Love this little picture of our love story

*There is a video over there that I promise will make your day… just can't pull it up right now!


On the Blog this Week

*Tuesday Talk took special for this week with a little glimpse into Andrew and my love story!

*Budgeting diaries… join us in the journey and email me if you have something to share!!!
What is your story? Or do you have some tips or pointers or anything you think would be encouraging to readers trying to be good stewards of what God has given them? Email me at and you can share a post! :)


On Other Blogs this Week



*Have you read this book yet?  Seriously it is so good.  I have it on my iTunes and have been listening on repeat.  So much good advice.  I definitely recommend it!
from amazon 

*I think I said the exact same thing last week… but seriously, I am ready for spring and summer weather… I just don't love the cold.


God is teaching me...

Its been a bit of a crazy week for us… but I am reminds me of these two quotes.  Maybe they will encourage you too!

Ministry that costs nothing accomplishes nothing. J.H. Jowett

Earthly possessions dazzle our eyes and delude us into thinking that they can provide security and freedom from anxiety. Yet all the time they are the very source of anxiety. 
The Cost of Discipleship- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

How was your week?




  1. Love your Bonhoeffer quote! I still haven't read The Best Yes yet. I've been meaning to but at the time it came out I was still working through Unglued (which is so good!) and I wanted to focus on finishing that. But I should circle back around to read it now.

  2. I do NOT understand people who genuinely enjoy the cold. What is wrong with them?! I Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Valentine's day!

  3. Love that book- it is such a good one! I love seeing your pictures from the week. Have a great weekend!

  4. I cannot wait for spring/summer! And that picture of your little ones is too cute!!

  5. ugh i need spring/summer for sure my friend and that book is fabulous! so glad i found another fellow reader like myself! so glad i came across your blog in the linkup! hope you'll stop by mine! happy vday weekend friend!

  6. I am adding that book to my "must read" list now :)

  7. Thanks for sharing my post! Happy weekend!


  8. I cannot WAIT for Spring!
    It looks like you had a nice week. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  9. Sharing Holly's post, it is a good one. I am a fan of winter, but right now with the temps as cold as they are, I'm looking forward to spring too.