Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I wish my blogcation meant we were going to frolic along the beach…
but honestly, this is just a really busy season and I have to acknowledge that.
getting our house ready for our Master's rental 

I love the way God uses this blog, but ultimately a season like this, it is the first thing to go. 
But… I hope you will come back, this is just temporary.  My plan is to be back around regularly blogging mid-April. 

If you want to keep up in the mean time… I would suggest Instagram
I sometimes share mini blogs over their anyways with my pictures;)
Also… please keep linking with Tuesday talk!  We definitely check out the posts! :)

These women are awesome so take sometime to check out their blogs and link up!
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  1. Good for you for knowing what should be priority in life! :) I'm with you-- with a rocky pregnancy and a busy schedule, I just have had to accept I can't blog as much as I want to right now in this season. I'm also with you on the 'mini blogs' on Instagram. ;)

  2. Family comes before blogging. Always. You GO girl! :O)

    I am a new subscriber through the Tuesday Talk link-up.