Sunday, May 15, 2016

JL… 8 months...

Jameson Luke 8 Months…

 Monthly Milestones... 

*Standing and cruising everywhere!



*Up on all fours!

*Starting to climb!

*So many teeth coming in- officially I think 4-5 have come through!

Favorite Things... 


*Still love sister … totally best friend!

*You love eating.

*You love being tickled!

*You love bath time

*Being outside

*Opening and closing cabinets and doors.

*"helping" mama work


*Approximately 26 pounds


*Approximately 31 inches.

Clothing Size… 

A new 18 month outfit you barely fit in!
*We live mostly in 18M-2T… you are so solid :)

Sleep Patterns… 

The kiddos sleeping in mommy's office!
Naps… you take about 2.  They are usually 20 minutes to an hour and a half.  Still trying to get you to take longer naps- but you just wake up and aren't tired anymore.  I am starting not to believe there is such thing as a 2 hour nap!

You are hit or miss when it comes to nights sleeping.  Sometimes you sleep through the night, but probably more often you wake once or twice.  It is not too bad, you just nurse and go back to sleep.

Eating Patterns… 

*You are still all about baby led weaning … and by this I mean you want to eat everything all the time. You have breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as nurse five times a day!

Outings and Celebrations… 

*Pa-G coming to work with daddy to finish the deck!


*Mini- Andrew
*Drool Monster
*Grump master
*J monster

Things others have said about you... 

 *"He looks so much like Andrew"… this is said almost every single day!
*"He is so big!"
*"How much does he weigh?"

Things we have noticed about you…

*You are so chill, except when you are not- then you lose it!
*You and your sister already have such a special relationship.
*You are everywhere and into everything… all ready!
*You seem to be more of a dare devil and are already pushing BD to try some things she usually doesn't do-(like lay down in the bath tub).

For Jameson Luke…

This is when things start to go fast… like real fast.  I bunk and you are another month older and doing new things! You are in everything and trying to keep up with everyone.  Super curious, and a little mischievous. 

Praying for your heart to know the Lord and to make Him known!

And… all the pictures…

Catching Up…


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