Sunday, May 15, 2016

JL...9 months...

 Jameson Luke 9 Months…

 Monthly Milestones... 

*More teeth- 7 in… working on the 8th!

*Says, "More," "Mama,""Dada" and "Bye"

*Dances… which might be my favorite.

*Standing on his own! 
*Attempts at using a spoon…

Favorite Things... 

*Still love my sister … most of the time!

*Love the swing

*Maybe starting to like books…


About 27 pounds


32 inches… really I can't remember, should have written it down at the pediatrician!

Clothing Size… 

BD took this one...
*We are pretty solid 2T at this point… but sometimes 2Ts are not wide enough for us!

Sleep Patterns… 

You are pretty solid at 2 naps a day.  One pretty soon after you get up at 9 for 20-30 minutes and a longer one in the afternoon around 1:00 or so.  However sometimes you just like to party.  
At night you sleep through sometimes and sometimes wake up.  We had one night this month where you wanted to party all night… I blame teething… but overall you are not keeping us from sleep.

Eating Patterns… 

*"Give me all the food, especially what you are eating!"… enough said.

But really- 3 meals a day- mostly eating what we eat.  Nurses 4-5 times a day.

Outings and Celebrations… 

*Trip to Florida

*BD's birthday


*Nana's Bday

*Take 2 in valentine's outfit

*1st Master's week

*Uncle Michael's match day!

*First major pollen… welcome to GA

*Mini- Andrew
*Drool Monster
*Grump master

Things others have said about you... 

*"He looks so much like Andrew"… this is said almost every single day!
*"He is so big!"
*"How much does he weigh?"
"His eyes are so blue!"

Things we have noticed about you…

*You really like to get into everything… EVERYTHING
*If I don't see you for even 5 seconds I am worried!
*You are daring and will not be left behind.
*You crack yourself up and laugh as your sister too.
*People are really drawn to you!

For Jameson Luke…

Just like that… another month.  Before I know it it will be your first birthday (just 3 months to be exact.)  You are our little daredevil. You are fun-loving, determined and sweet.  Starting to here you really talk and communicate is so fun.  Your sister already interprets for you all the time.  Not sure how much of what she says is what you are really saying, but maybe y'all have a special language.  You are on the move and nothing stops you!

More prayers this month for your heart and future!!! :)

Catching Up…


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