Sunday, May 15, 2016

JL… 10 months...

 Jameson Luke 10 Months…

42 Weeks in and 42 Weeks out

 Monthly Milestones... 

*Still 7 teeth- that 8th is ready though!
Just some teething fun… usually not so bad, but this day!
*Added some words to my vocabulary "Ball" "tha" (usually accompanied by pointing and we think he is saying that) and "eh" (which obviously means fan or light)
*Started having interest in books!!! (The teacher in me is happy:))
*You are really good at throwing a ball.. and have become quite proficient at throwing other things too (bothers, food, other toys etc)
*First real sickness… hand foot mouth… don't wish that on anyone!

*Standing and cruising and have taken a step or to.  But he still want to be quick and crawl! 

*First time at the slash pad… he loved it!

Favorite Things... 

*You sister…

*Playing in the water…

*Books, specifically with the tofu/feel pages
*Putting everything in your mouth

*Rocking chairs…

*You love rolling on the ground!

 *Outside time!  You crawl out the door every time it is open!


*Bath time!


I should know this exactly, but I don't… more than 27 lbs.


I could break out the tape measure… but I would say around 32 inches?

Clothing Size… 

*We are pretty solid 2T at this point… but sometimes 2Ts are not wide enough for us!

Sleep Patterns… 

BD loves to help you eat!
You still usually grab a quick morning nap and a longer nap in the afternoon.  Nights are still hit our miss.  You sometimes sleep all night and sometimes not.

Eating Patterns… 

*You want to eat all the time… I think you may eat more than BD at this point.

Outings and Celebrations… 

*Daddy's birthday

*Zoo trips

*Bounce houses!

*Watching daddy play basket ball

*Celebrating Uncle Michaels graduation!

*Mini- Andrew
*Drool Monster
*Grump master

Things others have said about you...

*"He looks so much like Andrew"… this is said almost every single day!
*"He is so big!"
*"How much does he weigh?"
"His eyes are so blue!"

Things we have noticed about you...

*You really like to get into everything… EVERYTHING
*If I don't see you for even 5 seconds I am worried!
*You are daring and will not be left behind.
*You crack yourself up and laugh as your sister too.
*People are really drawn to you!

For Jameson Luke…

Just two months until we celebrate the big 1 year!  Lately you are snuggly, out going and curious.  You and BD have been really playing together.  We love watching you grow and change!

Praying for you- that God will draw you heart to His! :)

And all the pictures...

You always sit sideways...

Catching Up…


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  1. This is the first update I have received in months. Good to see how the kiddos are doing.

    Charlotte Moore