Monday, January 18, 2016

JL 6 months...

Jameson Luke 6 Months…

 Monthly Milestones... 


*We are fully sitting and playing with both hands.  

*Sat in the grocery cart :)

*I got my two bottom teeth!  And I chewing on everything!


*You are definitely moving, but not quite crawling.  I see lots of rocking, planks and even one handed planks.  I go forward when I really want something but I am very officiant at going backwards.

*I can stand using support, but not quite pull himself up.

Favorite Things... 

*My sister… we like to hold hands :)

*Bath time with his sister!

*Putting everything in his mouth!

*Smiling… smiling is my favorite!

*Giant Teddy bears… obviously ;)

*Presents :)

*Enjoying my walkers/bouncers!!!

*Hanging in my high chair

*Shoulder time

Least Favorite Things…

*When my sister puts me in a baby doll stroller

*I am not a *huge* fan of getting dropped off at the nursery… but it is getting better… sometimes;)


Coming in at 23 lbs 3 oz!


He is 29 and a quarter inch. He is 99th percentile across the board which the doctor said is rare

Clothing Size… 

We are still solid in 12 month… but starting to out grow some 12 month things!!!  

Sleep Patterns… 

You nap 2-3 three times a day for a total of about 2-2 1/2 hours.
One word to describe your night sleep this month?  Inconsistent.  Sleep through the night one night and eat all night the next.  
You nap in your crib or while being worn.

Eating Patterns… 

You started baby led weaning this month!  You have had avocado, broccoli, zucchini, and sweet potatoes. 

You are nursing… about every 3 hours.  

Outings and Celebrations… 

*Went and saw The Nutcracker at the Fox!

*First Christmas


*Visiting family and friends in ATL

*Celebrated The New Year (by sleeping of course:))


*Grumpy man (which is ironic because he actually pretty happy)
*Drool Monster (BD even calls you this)
*Big man, little man and the such.

Things others have said about you... 

* "He is so big!" 
*"He smiles so much!"
*"He drools a lot!"

Things we have noticed about you…

*You smile and laugh SO MUCH!  And it is contagious!  You love tickle monster, raspberries and airplane.

*You want to eat whenever we eat.

*You love your sister and she loves you!

*You will let us know when you are not happy!!!

For Jameson Luke…

Half a year?  Is that even possible?  Someone pinch me!
We have loved watching you grow change this month.  Man your personality is funny!
You know what you want for sure!

You and your sister have such a fun and special relationship!  You like to be with mama and dad too.

We are praying for your heart and future each day!

And… all the pictures…

Catching Up…


  1. He is doing a lot for 6 months. He sure looks like his dad.
    Cute pics!!

    Charlotte Moore

  2. cant wait to keep up with your blog! its super cute! hope you'll drop by mine as well :)