Thursday, January 14, 2016

Friday Round Up


Week Recap

aka Instagram roundup

Whew... What a week! The first week or two back from Christmas and New Years is always busy... I think I need a few days to recover from the madness. Any one else feel that way? My calendar looks like it exploded.
6 month old… just excuse me while I go cry

Everyday at our house…. oh the extremes

Porch renovation supervisor 

7 year anniversary


On the Blog this Week

*My 5 most successful side hustles

*Goals goals goals... I am all about some goals. Here are mine for the year.

*And our plan plan to achieve

What is your story? Or do you have some tips or pointers or anything you think would be encouraging to readers trying to be good stewards of what God has given them? Email me at and you can share a post! :)


On Other Blogs this Week



This… except I am always slapping myself.

 I have shared this before… but still love


God is teaching me...

There is prodding and longing to do big things in the midst of the mundane.
This week has been a BIG reminder to me that serving the Lord is not always glamorous.
I have not great big announcement or awesome accomplishment,
but drops in a bucket that I pray will slowly impact the world around me.

How was your week?



  1. The batman image made me LOL for sure. Totally me too, friend. Totally me.

  2. haha your post kept me laughing Stasia! So glad I came across your blog on the link up! Hope you'll stop by mine as well :) Happy Friday

    1. I am glad to keep you laughing :) Just life right! And I will definitely stop by :)

  3. What adorable pictures, lady! The costume is toooo cute!

    Happy 7 years!!!

  4. Happy anniversary! 7 Years is great!!!

    1. Thank you :) Can't believe it has been 7 years!!!

  5. I love that batman and robin meme! So funny. It's been a while since I've popped over...been on a blogging break of sorts. I just love your profile pic...that scarf is great! Hows that deck coming? Love y'alls new place too! Baby J is growing like crazy!!! Have a great weekend!

    1. I know! I have not been as consistent with blogging because, well… Life! :)
      I was excited about the new picture, I realized I couldn't mange to find a picture of me by self before that one!
      The deck is very slow, because met dad has been helping but lives out of town. Surely ti will be done by spring!
      And baby J… will I just can't believe he is already so big!!!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Cheers to seven years!

  7. You think after the holidays that life will slow down but it sure doesn't. Love the pictures of your kiddos.

  8. All of those pictures are precious! I especially love your little supervisor! My kids love to do that too :) -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones

  9. Stasia...Hi. I loved the Batman comic. Sometimes I need him around. LOL. Your goals are not far from mine. And I would also like a newer car and one more adaptable to mountain living. Praying about that one. Have a fabulous week. :-)

  10. Hi love a list and I love your list! Thanks for posting in Raising Homemakers!