Monday, August 1, 2016

No Spend September

Beginning of August is time for a fresh start.  The smell on new school supplies and sneakers are in the air.  End of summer sales are strong.  It is a time of transition and with transition often comes spending.  Some of the spending can't be prevented, only regulated- your kids have to wear clothes right?  
So, what better time than just after this transition in September to have a "No Spend" month. And FYI... this works anytime, so if your aren't feeling September, October works too.  There doesn't have to be alliteration ;)

What is a "No Spend Month?"  

I am so glad you asked.  Generally speaking you have to spend some money month to month or your electricity gets turned off and the bank starts to call.  

What I am talking about here is a slashing of spending down to the bare minimum in order to save for a specific purpose.  

Sooooooo... this August each Monday I will be walking through each week how to set up a successful No Spend Month!
Week 1: Intro

Week 2: Set Parameters and Goals

Week 3: Creativity and Accountability

Week 4:  Make Extra Money (Extra Credit;))

Won't you join me on this journey?  I would love to support each other through this!


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  1. I feel like our whole life is the bare minimum, but I'm interested to follow along to see if there's something we're missing! :)

    1. I know the feeling! Maybe a little something will come out that you can use :)

  2. We're looking for more ways to cut our budget with the second kid starting college in September. So, I'm looking forward to these posts.

    1. Yaya! Another post coming Monday... I am hoping we have an awesome community of support for September!!!

  3. Stasia I am so super excited for this!