Thursday, August 3, 2017

13-15 weeks...

13- 15 weeks!!!!

15 weeks- BD my expert photographer :)
13 weeks in Annapolis

How Far Along? 

15 weeks and some change… we have arrived at the second trimester!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 

I have gained about 10 pounds... which is technically way too much for the first trimester. But with every pregnancy I have gained 5-10 pounds almost immediately, so I figure it is just something that my body does when I get pregnant.

Baby Related Purchases: 

Not yet, but we are trying to start looking at moving Jman into the room with BD which means bunking beds and buying some new storage. Then rearranging things in the nursery.

Maternity Clothes: 

Nothing really yet. I did pull everything out thought and I may break out those maternity pants soon.


Just like last pregnancies, I am having trouble sleeping on my sides… I keep finding myself on my back.


I have thought that I had felt movement a few times!!!

What I miss: 

I have been pretty sick, so just eating like a normal person. I feel like we are turning a corner here. Also just having energy.


Less about cravings... more about just what I can stomach.

Anything making you queasy or sick: 

I thought I was feeling better, then I felt pretty bad a couple days this past week. Hopefully I am coming out of this stage! The most consistent thing that makes me feel nauseous is brushing my teeth... weird, right?


We were so late on on dating ultrasound (about 15 weeks) that I thought we may find out! We did... sort of anyways. The ultrasound tech told us a gender and seemed pretty confident, but said, and I quote, "I wouldn't go painting the nursery." So we are going to wait a month until our anatomy scan and we know for sure to share. Just want to keep everyone in suspense ;)

Labor Signs: 

Hopefully a long time away…


Nauseous, bad taste in my mouth, headaches… and the beginnings of a baby bump.

Best moments this week: 

*Andrew spent the a week or so in Boston for a mission trip and the kids and I spent time with family in Annapolis.

*Getting back together as a family. 
*Date night with Andrew :).
*Doctor appointment- hearing the heartbeat and getting an ultrasound!

Looking forward to: 

Feeling better... I feel my energy creeping back ;)

Size of Baby: 

Size of an apple!

For the little:

The first part of this pregnancy has been such a whirlwind. Being sick and tired, but always reminding myself that you are so worth it! We are getting excited as we start to plan and prep and think about how much you will change our life! The Lord has already blessed us we these weeks with you... we love you so much already!


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  1. WOW!! CONGRATULATIONS!! It has been a very long time since I got a post from you. Hopefully you just took time off and I didn't miss any.

    Charlotte Moore