Thursday, August 17, 2017

16-17 Weeks...

16-17 weeks!!!!

How Far Along? 

17 weeks and some change… just rolling along!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 

About 15 lbs I think. I actually think I am doing "better" than past pregnancies.

Baby Related Purchases: 

Still nada. We really want to start working on rearranging the office, big kid's room, and nursery to organize and optimize storage... but we haven't yet.

Maternity Clothes: 

Past week or so I broke out the maternity jeans. I mean, if I am allowed to wear jeans with stretchy tops I might as well.


I have been SO TIRED... I have not hit that second trimester energy burst, but I am praying it starts soon. But while I sleep I sleep well :)


I am feeling more kicks and flutters each day. BD asks all the time when she will be able to feel the baby kick!

What I miss: 

Energy and just being able to do my "normal" work load.


Still not really craving anything... just eating when I feel like eating.

Anything making you queasy or sick: 

I think I am not nauseous anymore... but indigestion and heartburn are already real. And lots of bad tastes in my mouth... is that even normal?


Still think we know... but not 100% sure so we will wit until the anatomy scan. Sorry to keep you waiting ;)

Labor Signs: 

Hopefully a long time away…


Heartburn, indigestion, bad taste in my mouth, and a baby bump.

Best moments this week: 

*August is always crazy town in our family, so I honestly barely remember the last two weeks. So our goal is to do something fun in the next week or two!

Looking forward to: 

The second trimester energy burst, it has to be coming soon, right?

Size of Baby: 

One app says the size of a turnup... the other says the size of a chipmunk!

For the little:

Everyday the reality that you are coming is hitting us more. Your brother and sister are super pumped... BD asks to feel you kick and Jman prays for you everyday. We are starting to turn ourselves to prepare mode... getting the house ready for you! We can't wait to see you and know you :)! We love you so much already!


13-15 Weeks

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  1. You look really small to me. I wasn't that fortunate. HA!! That was many moons ago.

    Charlotte Moore