Saturday, September 9, 2017

18-20 weeks...


How Far Along? 
20 weeks (plus some)... half way... or even half baked

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 
Right at 20 lbs... wondering if I will be doubling that in the next 20 weeks😬 The nurse that checked me in made me feel really good when she said until she checked me in she didn't even realize I was pregnant... so we'll just go with that!

Baby Related Purchases: 
Poor third baby still has nothing! And by nothing I mean only the hand-me-downs from brother and sister.

Maternity Clothes: 
Still rocking the maternity jeans and Nike shorts most of the time. 

I think I have finally hit my second trimester energy burst... unfortunately the other two kiddos have been keeping me up so my energy has been spent there.

The kicks are getting more intense by the day! I am just waiting for the day that Andrew, BD, and Jman can feel them! 

What I miss: 
Right now things are as "normal" as they could be. I would say I miss things like working out... but I barely have time to do that anyways!

My eating is also normalish... but I still don't really have cravings per say. But I suppose they are coming!

Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Strong smells like when someone heats something in the microwave at work or really strong "smell good" stuff in public bathrooms.


It's a BOY!!! 

BD has been telling Jman it is a boy for weeks now, so he is still confused. But soon enough he will catch on. BD told me , "If it was a boy she would be angry, but still help me." 
We told her four weeks ago that it was probably a boy, so she had time to warm up to it. And I think getting to do "the reveal" made her pretty happy so I think she is on board now.

This is the first time that Andrew and I can't seem to settle on a name though... hopefully soon!!!

Labor Signs: 
Hopefully a long time!!!


Baby bump, kicks, and some heartburn/indigestion. 

Best moments this week: 
*Getting to help with the local chapter of ZTA with their recruitment. I am so blessed to be able to continue to work with such wonderful women! 

*Getting some time in atl with family

*Getting to find out our baby is a... BOY
The only picture... all the blue confetti :)

Looking forward: 
Finding the time to redo the "big kid room" and add some personalized touches to the nursery... and get all the stuff organized!

Size of Baby: 
One app says the size of a turnip... the other says the size of a chipmunk!

For the little:
We are so excited to have you as our SON! We just have to figure out your name!

Everyday the reality that you are coming is hitting us more. Your brother and sister are super pumped... BD asks to feel you kick and Jman prays for you everyday. We are starting to turn ourselves to prepare mode... getting the house ready for you! We can't wait to see you and know you :)! We love you so much already!

16-17 Weeks

13-15 Weeks

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  1. You look great! Do you still work at school?

    Charlotte Moore