Monday, October 29, 2012

Our gender reveal party... and all well made plans...


Last Sunday afternoon we had our gender reveal party... and it was so wonderful!  We have such wonderful friends that have been here for us in New Orleans and sharing our exciting news with them was so great.  
The predictions...
Team Girl...
Team Boy..
It was one of those events that didn't go as planned... but was a really good reminder for us.
You see, we had planned on revealing the gender with some balloons realized for a big box.  So fun... I had a vision in my mind of just how this was going to go.  When we were getting everything together for the party, we were moving the box of balloons from our new apartment to the park (just down the road).  We were trying to do to many thing at once.  I was holding a bunch of stuff and trying to hold the box in the truck as Andrew ran back in to grab one more thing...
That is when the gust of wind came, knocking over the box and releasing a cascade of pink balloons for only me to see.  
After we were able to laugh about it...
And I lost it... it was honestly not my proudest moment.  I was so caught up in my vision, the way I wanted things to be.
The thing was we got a cake that had pink in the middle, so we had a "plan b" so to speak, but that is not what I wanted.  
After a few minutes... I was able to calm down and realize that this was NOT a big deal, and was actually kind of funny.  God reminded me that this plan I had was not that important.  Do I get this moved by things that are actually important?  The things that are eternal?
So I was able to refocus at the party on the wonderful friends and support that God has put into our life, and how I should focus more on the things that really matter.  And we had a really good time:).



  1. If you think that a gust of wind can interrupt your plans, just wait til you add this precious baby girl! Oh, my!

  2. What an adorable idea!!! I love the window you used for predictions!!! SO CUTE!! Thanks for linking up.