Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Round Up...


Week Recap

We are starting to get back *more* into the ebb and flow of life now that we are three weeks into January.  At the same time no day is quite the same and there are a lot of exciting things going on :)

Heres a little Instaupdate on life...

Baby dolls sleeping all over the house!


On the Blog this Week

What is your story? Or do you have some tips or pointers or anything you think would be encouraging to readers trying to be good stewards of what God has given them? Email me at and you can share a post! :)


On Other Blogs this Week

BD's 3rd birthday is official 2 months away (how is that even possible)… Minnie Mouse Party here we come.  Now it will no the pinterest crazy.  we will probably have cupcakes that look like Minnie and BD will dress like Minnie… and I think she will be just fine with that :)



Love this… BD is actually obsessed with the fact that Andrew and I have our "other name" and she has called us Babe from time to time… wonder where she hears that???

There is nothing like a sunny yellow tea pot!

I am already thinking summer y'all… these Salt water sandals (picture and to buy can be found here)

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God is teaching me...

Our Bible study is just diving into a study on Daniel, and I am really excited to get to know that book deeply!

This week has been amazing in seeing God work in others!  It is amazing how you have done nothing and God does big things!

How was your week?



  1. Cute teapot! We just bought one like two weeks ago and love it!

  2. Such cute kiddos! Love that sunny teapot, we need that for our snowy forecast.

  3. Stopping by from the H54F link up :) Such cute kiddos! I know getting back into the swing of things after the holidays are rough. Loving that bright teapot and pretty sandals!

    Mariah @ Faith & Fashion

  4. 6 months already! So hard to believe!

    You've got such sweet babies. Love following along with them!

  5. Ah the yellow tea pot! I have been looking for one! I have a red one from when j had a lot of red in my house and then I was over red and brought in the yellow. Saving that link ;)

  6. What cute pictures of your kids. And, yes, it is hard to get back into the swing of things, isn't it !!! I love your sunny yellow teapot. So cheery. Than ks for sharing.

  7. That teapot is darling! We really need to get one - would come in handy with this chilly weather!

  8. It seems that in the cycle of life what goes around comes around. In the early years of marriage we lived on a tight budget which is what caused me to learn to do a lot of things myself. Now in our recent retirement we are returning to that again as we live on a fixed income! Thanks for sharing.