Monday, August 29, 2016

No Spend September: Why and Getting Started

Need to know What is a "No Spend Month?"  check out last week's post!

Maybe I should have started with the 4 weeks ago... I kind of did.  But beyond our personal goals I hope this changes our spending as a whole.  Maybe this coming month will make us realize we don't have to spend as much as we think we do! :)

ALSO... I find that it is oh so crucial to keep a Biblical perspective when dealing with all things money.  Want a great money study to do this coming month along the way?  Try this study, it is great!

So it is about game time.  Check out the posts below, get you a plan and get started!

The series as a whole: 
Week 1: Intro

Week 2: Set Parameters and Goals

Week 3: Creativity and Accountability

Week 4:  Make Extra Money (Extra Credit;))

Week 5:  Why and Getting Started 

Won't you join me on this journey?  I would love to support each other through this!
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