Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Perfectly Packed Hospital Bag

Considering little J is about to arrive…  I figured that it is time to actually pack the go bag(s).  By this point with BD, my bag was already packed… so I need to get on this!
What to put in your hospital bag is an overwhelming question… but hopefully this list can give you 
some clear guidance.

For Mom…

Your packing list is the longest… and it can be shorter or longer depending upon how many things you want to use from the hospital…Bring a bag that is easily organized… go ahead and pack a small rolling suitcase if it is easier, no judgement here.
For Labor…
1. Birth plan (and an extra copy or two just in case).  
2. Make sure you have your license and health insurance card.
3. Love Your Labor Oil… this stuff is awesome!
4. Birthing ball if your hospital does not provide one.  This is amazing if you are planning a natural birth!
5. Hair ties (that work for you) and bobby pins
6. Chap Stick
For After Labor...
1. Nursing bras and tanks.  Some people say you don't need them, but they were my best friend.
2. Nursing cover if you want it.  But be warned it is hard to use the cover before breastfeeding is established… you might have to just figure that one out later.
3.  Your own preference for lanolin (aka nipple cream) if you want it.  The hospital will provide you some (and charge you for it)… so you might want to bring your own.  
4. Nursing pads/soothing gel pads (some wipes or cleaner for those gel pads would not hurt either).
Boppy or other nursing pillow.
5. Bottom Spray and/or Bottom Balm.  TMI?  Maybe, but these are some natural products that are awesome!
6. A couple comfy pajamas options.  I would recommend some comfy pajama pants and button up shirts (for easy nursing).  In case of a c-section I packed some one piece options too like button up sleep shirts or nursing friendly night gowns.  Make sure your clothes are comfortable for visitors… you will probably have a few :)
7. Slip on slippers, flip flops and slipper socks… you don't want to be barefoot in the hospital!
8. TMI again… some Depends style underwear.  The hospital will provide you with pads… I just found this ah, easier.  You may want them at home too, or some heavy duty pads.  Oh all the glamorous parts of childbirth.
9. Not fancy, no fuss cotton underwear.  I mean mesh panties from the hospital…ehhhh.  You will use these for a while after too.
10. Zip up jacket or hoody- I wore my almost the whole time I was in the hospital!
11. A robe or two. Everyone told me I would be hot, so I packed a light weight robe.  But it was cold in my room and I am glad I had my heavy robe too!
12. Makeup bag
13. Whatever toiletries you would normally take on a trip- shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor, toothbrush, tooth paste, mouth wash etc.
14. Colace… now this one is definitely TMI… but I think you will be glad you brought this.  I used for the days leading up to labor and after.
15. Prenatals… you still take these after baby!
16. Hand sanitizer to keep by your bed if you are a germ-a-phobe 
17. Your things from home- depending upon how picky you are :)… items may include your own pillow (put it in a different color pillow case so it does not get mixed up with the hospitals), blankets, toilet paper, and towels.  I am pretty chill so I did not mess with most of this.  I did bring my Bible, journal and book from home though!
For Going Home…
1. Something that is comfortable to wear, thankfully the paparazzi will not be waiting for you, but I am sure there will be pictures!  Make sure that it is still bigger sized or maternity… you will not be your pre pregnancy size going home! I packed a cute outfit, but need up going home at around 8 PM so I just wore pajamas.  

For Baby…

The hospital provides most everything for baby so anything you bring is just for fun or personal preference.
1. Going home outfit.  I had something more expensive before… I think I am going with a cute sleeper this time :).
2. Hats, mittens, headbands, socks and other fun things.  I feel like most of these are for pictures, but we were glad we had them!
3. Wipes.  The ones they give you in the hospital have to be wet.  This does not bother us because we usually use cloth wipes anyways… but you might want to bring some! :)
4. Swaddle blankets.  They will provide, but I throw a few of my own in the diaper bag :)
5. Baby book!  They will sometimes do the hand and footprints for you… and you can start to fill it in while everything is on your mind!
6. Installed carseat… so you are ready to go home.  Some places do a carseat test where your child has to sit in the carseat for an hour before eyou go, so one that has a snap in/out baby carrier is a plus!

For Dad…

1. Snacks… okay, these are really for everyone (especially mom) but make them dads responsibility.  Anything you like… put it in!  Make sure the dads pack something too, because mama is the only one that gets taken care of in the hospital!
2. Water bottle.  Mom gets one from the hospital, but yet again,dad is left out.
3. Comfy shoes, something to sleep in, and a couple changes of clothes.
4. His wallet :)
5. Gum and mints
6. Toiletries- he will be at the hospital with you the majority of the time… don't want to go that long with out a tooth brush ;)
7. Blanket to sleep with in the room.
8. Nice to have- some snacks or treats for the nurses and doctor that is taking care of you!  


Yep! A separate category for this, but I bet you will be glad you have these things!
1. Phone and charger (duh… but you might want to put the hubs on phone duty once you go into labor)
2.Computer and/or tablet and charger.  We will probably pack both… last time I blogged while I was in the hospital (surprise surprise).  We like to use the iPad for netflix and music.
3. And actual camera and charger (go ahead and make sure it is charged now).

For Siblings…

This is a category we did not have to worry about last time… but since we are planning for BD to stay with Andrew's parents until we come home, we will have to pack her a bag too!
1. Directions about daily schedule.
2. Clothes and diapers for a few days (we are giving them a key too in case they need more).
3.  Some favorite or special toys.
4. Toothbrush and bath stuff.
*And side note… take everything you can with you!  Extra diapers, wipes, pads etc.  You have already paid for it!

What did you bring to the hospital???

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  1. Wow, you are getting close then! I still have to pack mine... with our first one I packed way to many clothes for both me and my husband. The extra blanket for him to sleep at night is a great thought, I will add it to my list.
    The hospital we delivered our first one in was really really awesome about providing breakfast for the dads, too. I pray the one we chose this time will be similar.

    Thanks for the list! A great reminder that I need to get started on my list, too :)

    1. That is great that the hospital brought your hubby breakfast too.. maybe we will have this this time too!

  2. I had Mabel's bag packed in advance but jim packed our bags frantically while I was in labor between contractions lol. Luckily I'd kept a notes file on my phone with what we needed so we didn't miss anything, but the packing itself was a little haphazard :p

    1. 2nd baby vs 1st baby… lol. I have had more time to pull my hospital bag together than you! Mabel came early, looks like baby Jameson is going to stay put until his due date!

  3. This list is fantastic. I'm new to EO so Im wondering with the birthing oil where do I apply it? Is it a one time deal? or do I do it over and over? Im so clueless. Thank you.

    1. it is just an oil mixture specifically for labor (your actually not even supposed to use it until after 37 weeks) . You can diffuse it, put it in the tub, put drops on cloth pillow or tissue, or just use it as massage oil. Some people just use it during labor, but I use it leading up to labor, maybe 38-39 weeks on until the baby comes. Just calming and is suppose to help you during labor!