Monday, July 11, 2016

Back from Blogcation…

Sort of anyways...

Back in March after much prayer I took a little "Blogcation" of sorts. Life was busy, we were getting ready to rent our house for the Masters… and something just had to go.  So as much as I enjoy blogging I had to take a break and the original plan was for it to go for a month or so.
And here we are… 4 months later.  

So what happened?

1.  Life stayed busy… like seriously no free time to even think about blogging.
2. Okay, maybe I thought about blogging a little.  But when I thought about it, I could quite get a grasp on where I fit in the world of blogging.  
Everything I was reading in the blogging world seemed like some scheme to get more followers.  There were rules like I had to have a niche… if you notice I don't and I like it that way, thank you very much. I wanted to go back to blogging where I cared less about how many followers and more about how God was using this blog to impact the readers.

  So where does that leave me now?

I have been praying and pondering for months.  There were days where I thought I was going to shut down the whole operation.  And days where I thought I was going to barrel back in full force.  But I think I am just going to start again and let it be what it is.  I will post with no schedule but still share, and just see what happens.  I will enjoy it and use it to connect with people in a positive way. I will let me Instagram eat my blog when I feel like it… because I just love sharing there and it is quick and easy.  

So that's that… I'll be around and when I'm around and I you are welcome to come along too :)

And some cute beach pics... because why not?


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