Friday, July 15, 2016

JL 12 Months... 1 YEAR!!!

Jameson Luke 12 Months…

What a difference a year makes!!!

 Monthly Milestones... 

*Walking... though my preferred method is still crawling!

*Knows exactly what he wants- says yes (by nodding) and no all the time

*Recognizing and saying more things.

Favorite Things... 

*My sister…

Especially her kisses
*Pool time!!!

*Being outside



*Family time :)


 We have been coming in at 29  pounds and some change!


Somewhere around 32.5 inches

Clothing Size… 

*We are pretty solid 2T at this point… but some 2Ts are so narrow but too long.  And can we talk about how 2Ts don't have snap bottoms??? 

Sleep Patterns… 

Usually a 20 minute morning nap, and hour or two afternoon nap and 12 hours at night!

Eating Patterns… 

Just go ahead and give me all the food!  He makes a loud yelling noise when he is hungry (pretty much all the time.)  Then we remind him to sign "more" or "please" and he does.  But if he take too long he will yell again.  

He still nurses 2-3 times a day.

Outings and Celebrations… 

*Father's Day

*Birmingham trip/Pop's 60th bday!

*Beach Trip

*First 4th of July (your due date last year- you will always be "America Baby")


*Mini- Andrew
*Drool Monster
*Grump master

Things others have said about you...

*"He looks so much like Andrew"… this is said almost every single day!
*"He is so big!"
*"How much does he weigh?"
"His eyes are so blue!"

Things we have noticed about you...

*You really like to get into everything… EVERYTHING
*If I don't see you for even 5 seconds I am worried! You have usually gotten into something.
*You are daring and will not be left behind.
*You crack yourself up and laugh at your sister too.
*People are really drawn to you!
*You are more interested in being quick than walking.
*You are processing everything now!

For Jameson Luke…

And just like that it is here.  12 sweet months with you coming to one year! It has been so quick and we have trie to soak in every last snuggle while embracing your every change!

You are daring, smart and your own little man.  You love your family and friends.  You dance, walk crawl, talk, "jump" and more.

Each year you will grow and change more and we are excited!  We continue to pray for your heart, that it will come to know Jesus and share Him with the world!!!

And all the pictures...

Catching Up…



  1. Hard to believe he is 1 year already. Times goes by so quickly.

    Charlotte Moore

  2. 29 lbs!! Omg! Chunker! Love it.

    Happy 1st birthday, Jameson!!

    1. Thank you... and I know... #biggestbabiesever