Tuesday, October 31, 2017

26-28 Weeks...

How Far Along? 
28 weeks... hello third trimester!!! Almost Halloween, one month until Thanksgiving, two months until Christmas... and three months until baby Everett!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 
35-40 lbs... I will be happy if my weight gain stays doesn't go past 50 lbs. I promise I am not eating cookies... all the time :) After three pregnancies I have just come to realize this is what I gain.

Baby Related Purchases: 
We pulled out baby bouncers, bath tub, and such. At some point baby Everett will get something new!

Maternity Clothes: 
It has finally been a little cooler so I have been enjoying some fun fall maternity clothes. I also had a sweet friend give me a bunch of clothes to wear, so I feel like I have somethings... for the time being!

I have been sleeping really well and have a lot of energy!

The kicks are getting stronger each day! I think we even have some flips at this point!

What I miss: 
Hmmm... I actually feel pretty good lately. Nothing... which is good news. I am soaking this time up! I hope it lasts through the holidays!

Sweets have sounded pretty good. And sandwiches with lunch meat (no worries... I heat up the lunch meat ;)). And spicy... give me all the spicy.

Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Tomato sauces and red meats sometimes give heartburn or indigestion... or something.

It's a BOY!!!

Everett Cole :)

Labor Signs: 
I have been having some Braxton Hicks contractions... but hopefully actual labor is a long time away!!!


Belly and kicks!

Best moments this week: 
So many good memories over the past couple weeks... I need to update more often :)
*Impromptu zoo trip

*City Serve

*Welcoming daddy home from Haiti

*Family dance parties 

*Time with BD's class pet... Ollie :)

*Jman's first trip to the dentist

*Sweet times with friends

*Fall Family Fest at church

*BD starting ballet (little did I know it way a parent/child class so I was doing all the moves with her)

*Pumpkin carving

*Pumpkin painting

Looking forward: 
Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
We are going to be aunt and uncle for the first time in a few weeks!!!
Finishing the nursery and "Big kid room." 
We have a quick "babymoon"/ we just need to get away for a couple days coming up. We are headed to the mountains!

Size of Baby: 
Right now it says a large eggplant... and another says a Fennec fox.

For the little:
Sweet Everett, we are enjoying your kicks, rolls, and somersaults. We cannot believe in less than three short months you will be in our arms. Right now Jameson constantly asks me to open my belly (pull up my shirt) to show you things and Bailey Drew loves to feel you kick. Daddy and I are praying for you each day and preparing for all the ways you will change our family! We are so excited!

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