Monday, April 20, 2015

29 Weeks...

How Far Along? 29+++ weeks :)  This past weekend, my grandparents asked me over and over again if my due date was right and "How are you going to make it to July?"  I knew I was showing , but people seem to think I am showing more the 29 weeks worth.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I was actually at the doctor today and got an accurate reading of 29 pounds for my 29 weeks. I think I am keeping up with my weight gain from last time!

Baby Related Purchases: I did some serious garage saling on Saturday and got SO MUCH baby boy clothes and barely paid anything!  And what does not work I will pass along or sell.  Now just to start to organize it all!  I need to figure out what we still need for this little one!

Maternity Clothes:  Just lots of dresses and skirts lately some maternity and some not.  While we were at Disney I wore running shirts and t shirts.

Sleep: Pretty good!  Still turning side to side and getting up to use the restroom once.

Movement: These movements are CRAZY sometimes… kicks, punches, summersaults- the whole nine yards.

What I miss: I had my glucose test today and I have not been eating much sugar in preparation.  I have a big piece of Andrew's birthday cake waiting for me.

Cravings: Just want to eat all the time!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Some heartburn and indigestion... But no sickness!

Gender: It's a boy!!!

Labor Signs: Hopefully a long time away…

Symptoms: The need to eat all the time.
Growing belly
Kicks and summersaults :)

Best moments this week: 
*Disney was a blast!!!! I promise a post with some pics and tips is coming soon. Ps 2 year old and 28 weeks pregnant at Disney worked fine for us!

*Seeing my grandparents!

*Catching some quick time at the beach :):):)

*Andrew's 30th birthday!!!!

Looking forward to:
Still want to finish getting this house set up... Nesting time!
The end of the school year is just 5 weeks away!

Size of Baby: The size of a butternut squash!

For the little:

Jameson... You had your first trip to Disney last week. I could tell you had loads of fun because of all your flips and kicks!  We also celebrated daddy's 30th birthday!!! 

I can tell that you are growing more each day. The flips and kicks are my favorite, but sometimes surprising! I love feeling the movement but am excited to see you
move in around 11 weeks!

We are praying for your relationship with the Lord and for your development!
Can't wait to hold you!!!

Week by Week…
22 Weeks…
24 Weeks
26 Weeks...

27 weeks...


  1. Babies are so much fun. Even in the newborn stage...I realized this with my fourth. When you realize that it may be your last the time is really cherished. I really hated it when people would ask me how uncomfortable I was. The most uncomfortable part was answering their question. Enjoy this time with your baby..this is the only time you will have before you have to share him with the world.

    1. You are so right! I LOVE that perspective! :)

  2. Love the beach pics! You look lovely!