Friday, December 29, 2017

34-36 Weeks...

How Far Along? 
36 weeks and some change! Almost into baby any day zone! Of course if you ask Andrew he says baby E needs to come on 12/31... anyone guess why?

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 
Just 50 pounds... hopefully just a couple pound more! 

Baby Related Purchases: 
We were blessed with a wonderful "sprinkle" and now baby E has plenty of clothes and wipes! 
Sweet friend and I have due dates that are 2 weeks apart.

Maternity Clothes: 
I am getting to that end point where nothing feels like it quite fits me, even the maternity clothes. 

Sleep has gotten a little uncomfortable again. Switching sides a lot.

He is still really moving and has hiccups all the time!

What I miss: 
Being my normal weight. Every time I get up I can just feel how much heavier I am than normal. I feel it just moving around and doing normal chores.

This has not been a major craving pregnancy. Nothing that really stand out.

Anything making you queasy or sick: 
I am back to having bad taste sin my mouth from time to time. And some heart bun and indigestion. Maybe Everett will have hair???

It's a BOY!!!

Everett Cole :)

Labor Signs: 
Still sporadic Braxton Hicks. Last night I was having trouble sleeping and he was moving a lot with some Braxton Hicks. For a moment I thought, "No way he is coming now!" I am sure there will be no labor until the end of January. 


Belly and kicks... and now some swelling :(!

Best moments this week: 
So many good moments... I will probably miss some!

* So many house/yard things to get done... we did manage to have some fun in the midst of it all
Playing in the leaves...
 *Lights at the zoo with sweet friends!

  *All the cookie decorating
                                                         *BD's ballet recital

  *So many Christmas Celebrations!!!

 *Friends coming all the way to visit us since I am past the point of traveling! 

Looking forward: 
Getting the rest of my prepping and nesting in.
Baby time!

Size of Baby: 
Right now it says a head of romaine lettuce... and another says a chihuahua. Maybe a really large overweight chihauahua???

For the little:
We are almost there! In less than a week, it could be any day... though we don't expect your arrival until late January (just don't make it February okay :)). We can't wait to hold you and pray for you each and every day!!!

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  1. I know you all will be glad for this little one to arrive. PRAY it all goes well and you have a healthy, happy baby boy.

    Charlotte Moore