Tuesday, January 9, 2018

37-38 Weeks...

How Far Along? 
38 weeks exactly... I think this is the first time I have posted on the "correct day" this pregnancy.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 
I have not weighed myself... and don't feel like wondering to the scale. We will just say 50-60 lbs. 

Baby Related Purchases: 

It has been cold so much lately that I have felt the need to buy a few things for if it is really cold when baby E comes... but now that we are prepared it will 60 and sunny the rest of the winter.

Maternity Clothes: 
Ummm... whatever I can fit in this point.

I have had some really bad nights and some really good nights. Hoping to sleep well until he comes (and after)!

So much movement and so many hiccups! 

What I miss: 
Having normal energy... it is just so unpredictable right now. I can be fine one minute and feel so tired the next. This also could be attributed to being a mom to two other kids, while working, and being pregnant!

I did randomly make a batch of chocolate chip cookies for myself Sunday.

Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Nothing too bad right now!

It's a BOY!!!

Everett Cole :)

Labor Signs: 
Nothing really. My hope is sometime 1/23-1/26... if only babies just followed when you want them to come.


I think its pretty obvious I'm pregnant ;)

Best moments this week: 
So many good moments... 

* The last of the Christmas festivities...

* New Years... and the kiddos got so into it!

* Celebrating our NINE year anniversary (which is actually on 1/10) 

* Visiting my sweet friend and coworkers baby. We had due dates only two weeks apart... but I have a feeling they will be born about a month apart (and that when Everett come he will already be bigger).

* Sweet family time

* Winning the national championship... oh wait, we didn't. But we were there. And next year's our year :)

* Hearing my Andrew speak... if you are a college/20s age and live in Augusta, let me know! I would love to connect you with a greta ministry!

Looking forward: 
Finishing prepping the house... aka nesting.

Size of Baby: 
Right now it says a head of spaghetti squash... and another says a Pomeranian. 

For the little:
With in the next three weeks you will be here! I know its going to go by quick, so I am trying to soak in these baby kicks and hiccups and not complain about end of pregnancy woes. I am going to enjoy the next couple of weeks, but I know I will enjoy holding you even more. Praying for you each day!

Bailey Drew and Jameson are so pumped too. My belly gets endless kisses and I am sure when you get here you will get endless kisses!

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