Friday, February 2, 2018

39-40 weeks...

40 Weeks!!!

How Far Along? 
Another baby... another due date met! High fives for meeting (and probably exceeding) my due date for all three kiddos!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 
Still think somewhere in the nature of 50-60 lbs... but the awful stomach bug our family got this week may have lessened that a bit. 

Baby Related Purchases: 

Nothing really. Just ready for Everett to use all the stuff we already have!

Maternity Clothes: 
I think I cycle through the same three pairs of leggings every three days. They were totally worth the money. If I am going out I will *usually* throw on some jeans.

Mostly good... except for the stomach bug nights we have had where I have been up or up with a sick child. Not ideal at 40 weeks.

Movement comes in spurts. He moves a ton, then rest. Doesn't have room for the flips he had earlier. The doctor has said I measuring normal... so maybe he does still have some room... and he wont be a 10 pound baby!

What I miss: 
Having normal energy... it is just so unpredictable right now. I can be fine one minute and feel so tired the next. This also could be attributed to being a mom to two other kids, while working, and being pregnant!

Right now... nothing because I am still recovering. But I am sure I will have some sort of craving for my first post sickness meal that is not crackers and chicken noodle soup.

Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Nothing related to the baby.

It's a BOY!!!

Everett Cole :)

Labor Signs: 
I was originally hoping he would come before the end of this week. And if we all get healthy that would be nice, but I really am glad he staying put for now. I have had periodic contractions over the past couple weeks, but nothing consistent.


So I look like I ate a beach ball.

Best moments this week: 
So many good moments... 
 Sweet Family time...

"Snow day"

 Belly Pics

Getting out and about... (aka waiting on baby E)

Looking forward: 
Finishing prepping the house... aka nesting.

Size of Baby: 
Right now it says a head of spaghetti squash... and another says a Pomeranian. 

For the little:
It is seriously zero hour! We love you and can't wait to meet you! :)

37-38 weeks...


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