Tuesday, May 26, 2015

33-34 Weeks...

33-34 Weeks!!!!

Getting artsy this week… just a little shot looking at the belly.. you know :)

How Far Along? I am just past 34 weeks today… but this is my first chance to share. I am going to *try* to be on time from now on and weekly, not biweekly, because we are just getting so close!!!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Actually stepped on the scale this morning and my grand total is 40 pounds. I think that is how much I gained total with BD.  But, at the doctor this past week I was measuring 38 weeks, not 34.  Now I am not holding my breath that this means Jameson will be making his grand arrival early… but rather counting on a large baby :)

Baby Related Purchases: No big purchases this week… but a sweet friend did give me 6 boxes full of baby boy clothes.  I think we will have a well-dressed little man :)

Maternity Clothes:  The same 4 dresses in rotation for the next 6 weeks unless I manage to get a bit more creative. 

Sleep: I had a couple of rough nights in that I got strep and had some blah reactions to the antibiotics. And what's with getting strep in the beginning of summer… or really at all… I have not had it since elementary school!

Movement: Still a movin' and a shaken'… but no hiccups.  I know they have to be coming soon!

What I miss: Normal summer clothes!

Cravings: Just want to eat :)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing really.

Gender: It's a boy!!!

Labor Signs: Nope

Symptoms: Feeling a little more energized this week and feeling like my belly is huge!

Best moments this week: 

*Had an awesome time at the Reunite Olmypics (BD was not quite ready to compete this year :))

*Last day of school… so thankful for this year… but so ready for a break!

BD and I made a trip to ATL….
*Had an AMAZING birthday celebration for a bunch of family members… the saddest moment is when you realize you took NO PICTURES.  I guess I can rest assured we were having so much fun that we did not have time for pictures!

*Enjoyed sweet time with Lindsay and soon to arrive baby Avery!

*Had mommy/BD time at IKEA

*Enjoyed some time with the Uncles!!!

*Celebrated John Henry and Sunita's engagement party/John Henry's Birthday!

*Hung out with the madre

Looking forward to:
*Getting the nursery, office and closets finished!
*Nesting and getting everything ready for Jameson!
*Holding a newborn in my arms in just a few short weeks!

Size of Baby: The size of a cantaloupe (or in my case maybe a basketball ;))!

For the little:

Our Jameson… 
Wow… probably less than 6 weeks.  How has this time flown so fast? Before we know it we will be holding you!
You have been a trooper traveling all over with us over the past few days and everyone thinks you are already to make your arrival.  I still think you have about 5-6 weeks to be fully ready :) guess we will see!  We have been praying for your heart and development and future. :)

Week by Week…
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