Sunday, May 31, 2015

35 Weeks...

35 Weeks!!!!

How Far Along? 35 today… getting so so so close.  Still in that stage where I feel like we have too much to do before she gets here.  It makes me kind of excited for the stage of just waiting for him to arrive!!!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still right at 40 pounds… and hopefully making this 40 pounds look good ;)

Baby Related Purchases: No purchases this week… just realizing ho much baby boy clothes we already have!  Seriously… and I don't even know how it happened!!!
Today I have a little double shower with a friend so hopefully we will get close to the rest of our goodies set!

Maternity Clothes:  Don't comment if you see me in the same thing twice or even three times.  I am having trouble getting creative and am going with comfort… a lot!

Sleep: Much much MUCH better this week.  In fact, I have been waking up early again and able to fit some work and working out it the morning.  We will call the energy nesting :)

Movement: He is moving soooo much.  I had one day with a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions… and then the next day he seemed super calm (but maybe we were just busy???).  Either way still moving a lot.  If you happen to see me just watch my stomach… chances are you will literally see him move!

What I miss: Normal clothes… I look at the small selection of clothes I can wear and even some of those are getting uncomfortable.

Cravings: Just want to eat :)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing really.

Gender: It's a boy!!!

Labor Signs: Nope

Symptoms: Huge belly, movement, Braxton Hicks, among other things...

Best moments this week: 

*Finished the Nursery… with the exception of a couple of empty frames.  Get ready for a reveal soon!
*Enjoying a date night with the hubs.
*Enjoying all the little movements with BD before Jameson gets here.

*First week not working… I have to admit it feels good!

Looking forward to:
*Baby shower today.
*"Finishing" the rest of the house.  If I can just get a few mrs things organized…
*Helping with VBS next week.
*Doctor's appointment and hospital tour.
*Pool time.
*Beach trip and anything else we can squeeze in before Jameson makes his grand arrival!

Size of Baby: The size of a honeydew melon!

For the little:

Our Jameson… 
My prediction is a month from yesterday (June 30th to be exact) coming in at exactly 10 pounds 1 ounce and 22 inches wrong.  Can you just prove your mama right;)???

I am starting to feel really ready for you… and I guess by ready I mean prepared.  We almost have things set up for you at the house and I know you will be making your arrival soon.  And as much as we LOVE feeling all the kicks… we will REALLY LOVE holding you.

With your sister people always asked me if I wondered what she was going to look like, and honestly it never phased me until they asked.  This time I wonder a little bit.  Will you look like BD?  Me? Daddy?  Some combination?  But even more than what you look like I am really wondering what you are going to BE like.  People keep telling me to prepare for a boy… that it is totally different than a girl.  I guess we will see soon enough!

We pray today (and everyday) not only for your development, but for your heart for the Lord and seeing His glory reach the nations.  That you will be a witness in witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth (Acts 1:8).

Can't wait to hold you:)

Week by Week…
22 Weeks…
24 Weeks
26 Weeks...

27 weeks…
29 Weeks…

30 Weeks…

31-32 Weeks


  1. Hi Stasia,
    I'm your neighbor on Make a Difference Monday.
    How exciting is this post? And what a beautiful name is Jameson.
    I can tell from looking around that you know what a treasure children are and you are treasuring every moment so I won't remind you that it goes so fast. Looks like you are doing a beautiful job of embracing the journey.

    God's blessings on your new little one. Here's hoping he's not all of 10 pounds!

    Embracing the Journey,


    1. Christi, Thank you for the sweet sweet comment! I am trying to treasure the moments and this is such an encouragement this morning!!!

  2. Good sleep and getting in a workout. Nice! Especially at 35 weeks. It must help your energy levels. I hope that continues for you until baby arrives!

    1. Thanks!!! We had a CRAZY day yesterday so hopefully things will calm down and we will be ready for baby!